When deciding what services to get for their lucky day, many brides and grooms think about their budget and the average wedding video price.

Some may choose to skip the video altogether and if you’re dealing with such clients, you may find it difficult to convince them.

Many people believe that getting wedding photos is enough to capture the special day. As a wedding videographer, you’ll have to emphasize on actual perks your clients will enjoy by getting the service.

You will also have to explain the main differences between photography and videography.

Wedding photos and wedding videos are specific products but they’re also interchangeable. While the average wedding videography cost is higher than that of photography, a clip delivers a range of important advantages that photography cannot provide.


Videography Doesn’t Just Document the Event


A wedding videographer will often also act as a director to produce a creative or an artistic video for the couple.

In the past, wedding videography was all about documenting the event. The final outcome was chronological, lengthy and yes – quite boring to watch.

Today, a wedding video can bring to life a vision that the couple has.

Wedding videos are vintage, animated, artistic or even abstract (just to name a few options). There are no limitations if the client and the videographer share the same vision.

Capturing the right shots and quality editing will deliver magic to the screen. Wedding videography gives the couple a lot more versatility and this is one of the perks you’ll need to emphasize.

For better results, you should definitely support your claims with a colorful and fun portfolio.


Capturing the Emotion of Specific Moments


No matter how good a photographer is, they cannot capture the raw emotion of a moment like exchanging wedding vows, for example. While photos can look touching and they could definitely recreate the atmosphere of the ceremony, some elements of the wedding can be recreated only on film.

Both wedding photos and videos capture memories.

Wedding videos, however, allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the emotion and the rawness of the experiences of the bride and the groom. Usually, photos and videos work together to paint a more detailed picture than either product on its own.

This is why some videographers also work on photography and factor this element into the average wedding video cost.

If your studio is capable of providing both services, you’ll be at an advantage. You’ll also get to create more diversified product packages that will appeal to a wider array of potential clients.


The Biggest Benefit: Motion


This perk is an obvious but you’ll need to remind your clients of the main differences between photos and videos.

Photos capture and preserve the stillness of an individual moment. Wedding videos show motion, the flow and evolution of the events as the day progresses.

If a photographer misses a specific moment, they will create a hole in the documentation of the experience. Videographers shoot continuously. They have the entire wedding day captured on film.

The videographer will use the footage to select the most special shots and to put together a clip that summarizes the entire event. Motion makes video much more intense and captivating than an image. The skills of a photographer are obviously very important. Otherwise, important moments will be left out.

Additionally, a videographer can use motion creatively to show some of the wedding fun. When the camera is handheld and it follows the bride around, the viewer will feel like a guest attending the ceremony and observing everything that’s going on. A drone can also capture the movement from up above to make it even more intriguing.


Audio and Ambiance


red wedding rose and candle lights

Audio is another element that wedding videos cannot capture.

The ambiance at the wedding venue is dependent on both the visuals and the music / background noises.

Capturing voices and music contributes to another layer of recording depth. It’s so powerful to hear the trebling voice of the bride, the tone of the officiant and the laughter of children. The first dance of the married couple will obviously be missing a lot if people have no idea what song was playing at the time.


Videography Can Build on Top of Photography


A wedding videographer provides an extra set of eyes at the venue.

Creative professionals have their specific approach that’s highly defining for their work signature. While a photographer may pay attention to certain parts of the ceremony, the videographer will capture something else. When a wedding videographer and a wedding photographer work together, the couple can get the most comprehensive and beautiful outcome to last them a lifetime.


The Average Wedding Video price Isn’t High


Scottish bride and groom

These are just some of the most important videography perks you can highlight to convince hesitant clients.

It’s also important to let your clients know that the average wedding video cost isn’t that high. Most videography studios tailor their offers to meet the specific needs of the client. Thus, it’s possible to produce a beautiful outcome with a reasonable budget.

Let your clients know what the possibilities are and If possible, throw in a little discount to show your willingness to interact with the couple.

When highlighting the differences between photography and videography, you’ll also need to explain why amateur wedding videos aren’t the best choice either.

While amateur footage could be featured in the wedding video to deliver a bit of contrast, smartphone footage usually lacks the clarity and the strategic intention to document the event in all of its richness.

Be there for your clients and do your best to answer their questions. People want what is best for their special day.

Show them wedding videos you’ve worked on, describe the specifics of the process and the possibilities. If you maintain a bit of flexibility, chances are that you’ll win tentative clients over.


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