Many wedding videographers don’t really teach how to communicate with challenging clients. Sometimes, people will be referred by their wedding planner. Sometimes, relatives would want a beautiful video. The bride and groom, however, may be unconvinced.

Talking to clients who aren’t sure they want your services is tough. Finding the right approach to communicate with them is essential but such potential clients could be defensive. Should you try to convince them that they need a wedding video? Should you adopt a more passive approach?

The truth of the matter is that a universal client communication approach doesn’t exist. What would work in one scenario isn’t necessarily going to give you the best outcome in another situation.


Be Natural and Show Interest in the Client


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Every couple has a story to tell. Following a script when talking to potential clients is the worst thing you can do. People hate it when service providers sound scripted. Thus, you should improvise and share the information that seems to interest clients.

The best way to start is always a ton of personalization. This personalization starts the moment you meet the bride and groom. Show some interest in their story. Ask the right questions about the wedding. Where is it going to take place? Have they chosen a theme or a particular style? Will there be a wedding photographer and if so, how will that professional approach their job?

Getting clients to open up to you is the number one thing you have to accomplish during a meeting. Refrain from being pushy or too much salesman-like. A deep, personal conversation can progress the interaction to the next level.


Show Your Work


Instead of doing the talking, let your work speak for itself. Often, reluctant clients oppose a specific service because they’re not confident in the quality of the outcome. Showing hesitant clients your portfolio is one of the best ways to win them over.

Use the information you’ve gathered about the couple and the upcoming wedding to show video samples the potential clients may like. Think about the style of the wedding – it’s pretty indicative of the aesthetics and the visuals that the couple could fall for.


Discover the Source of Hesitancy


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Being open an honest is typically a policy that will pay off. If you sense that a client is hesitant about using your services, ask them why they feel this way, some couples believe that a wedding picture album is enough. Others are worried about the cost of getting a wedding video.

Having specific knowledge gives you the tools to address the situation and to show the potential client an alternative. When clients are concerned about the cost of wedding videography, for example, you can acquaint them with the different packages you offer.

Wedding video packages offer specific services and some of those are really cost-efficient. Clients could simply be lacking the knowledge of the available options.

Once again, don’t be pushy and aggressive. Show the client that what they believe isn’t necessarily true or a serious problem. When you give relevant information, a person will get to make the right decision on their own.


Be Very Specific


People don’t like vague communication and abstract promises that service providers cannot keep. If you speak in general terms, chances are that you’ll lose the opportunity to work with the respective couple. Instead of being elusive, provide specific and concrete information.

Give clients the numbers, the terms and conditions. Provide examples of the work that you’ve done. List the benefits of getting a wedding video. The more specific you are, the better. At the same time, you should try to keep it concise.

Nobody likes being lectured. Rambling on and on will get clients to tune out and stop listening to you. Thus, specific information and visual examples should be provided over the course of a few minutes to make convincing point.


Show Some Flexibility


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Sometimes, you’ll have to make a little compromise in order to win a hesitant client over. Determine whether you really want to work with the couple. If you do, you may want to make a little gesture in order to show some flexibility.

Telling clients that you’re willing to accept their terms and reach a compromise can help you achieve a mutually-beneficial outcome. You could add a little discount for a couple that worries too much about the price.

Know, however, just how much you’re willing to give up. Doing everything in your power to please clients and win them over will eventually make the project unsustainable and unprofitable.

Alternatively, you will have to do numerous edits and modifications that aren’t listed in the contract. When talking in advance, be very specific about the things you can compromise and what you’re adamant on.


Know When to Let Go


The final thing to keep in mind is that you can’t always win.

As a professional, you should know when to cut your losses and give up on communicating with eventual clients. Some couples will not be convinced to use your services, no matter what you do. Wasting more time on meetings with such individuals will keep you from potentially winning over more enthusiastic clients.

Trust your instincts and pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues (for example – body language) when you’re meeting with a couple. You can learn a lot from observation, even if the clients aren’t telling you exactly what’s on their mind.

Make your case, answer all questions and leave it up to the client to decide whether they want a wedding video and if they’re hiring you for the job.

Following up too often and being pushy will only make you seem desperate. Focus your efforts somewhere else and give potential customers some room to breathe. You’ve made your case and you’ve given them all of the essential information. It’s now up to them to decide whether they’re going to have a change of heart.


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