Outsource Wedding Video Editing

Outsource Wedding Video Editing


1. Tell Us

What should we edit? What’s the deadline? How many hrs of footage do you’ve?

2. We Work

We’ll start working and editing your footage as soon as we’ve the files & notes.

3. Download the video(s)

We’ll send the videos within the deadline and we offer 2 revisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are you?

Our team consists of 15 editors and three managers based in London and Berlin. Each of the team members has at least five years of experience in the fields of outsourcing wedding video editing, post-production or shooting. Since the inception of the studio, we’ve edited more than 500 weddings – a noteworthy accomplishment that has resulted in many happy clients.

How much does your service cost?

Our wedding video editing prices are dependent on several factors. These include the length of the raw footage, its quality, the number of cameras used, your deadline and the specifics of the editing work. If you’re looking for same day wedding video editing, you’ll have to be contact us atleast 4 days before the event.

You can get an idea of how much outsourcing wedding video editing is going to cost here: Wedding video editing prices 

How do I start?

Outsourcing wedding video editing is a fairly simple process. Contact us today via that form and provide some of the important project details. We will get back to you to discuss the specifics and provide you with a personalised, free of charge quote. If you’re happy with the offer, we can move onto our portal and take it from there.

                                                                                         Get a free quote within 24 hours!

Which countries do you serve?

We have worked with clients from the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia etc… Our knowledge, experience and understanding of local audiences enable us to provide quality solutions, regardless of the customer’s background.

  Your physical location doesn’t matter as long as the wedding and the speeches / vows / toasts etc.. are in English. 

What software do you use?

We use Premiere Pro,  After Effects, Audio Audition and Photoshop. 

How do I pay?

We use Paypal and we charge upfront. However, if you use other payment services let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

How much time would it take you to edit my footage?

Before getting started with your project, we’d like to discuss the scope of the wedding video editing you need. We’ll inquire about the footage, the final video you want and your deadline. Based on this information, we will calculate the price and determine the timeframe for delivery. We will do our best to meet your deadline and we do offer same day wedding video editing services (Max. 4 projects per month). 

                                          Our average turnaround is btween 7 – 15 days depending on the factors mentioned above.

Why should I outsource the wedding video editing process?

Wedding video editing can be very time-consuming and cumbersome. If you’re working with multiple clients, you’ll find it even more difficult to focus on the task at hand and produce a high quality outcome every single time with fast turnarounds.

Outsourced wedding video editing services give you quality within a short period of time. While we’re working on putting the final video together, you’ll be free to nurture relationships with clients and grow your business.

What does your service entail?

We offer wedding video editing and post-production services that are tailored to your specific needs. You’ll simply have to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate for your preferences.

What’s your editing process like?

Our editing process is entirely based on your specifications and requirements. It will depend on the length of the footage, its quality and the number of cameras used. We will work on editing and sending you the final outcome within the specified deadline. As per our work policy, clients are entitled to three rounds of revisions + the complete premiere files.

Check our editing samples for more. 

Will my data be saved and will you return my original footage?

The answer to this question depends on the specific agreement between our team and the client. We usually keep the original footage until the final video(s) are approved, but we typically keep the files for a period of four weeks. If you need us to keep the files for a longer period of time, you should let us know in advance. 

Can you improve the quality of my wedding video?

Depends on your footage quality and age – We have extensive experience in wedding video editing and post-production, but keep in mind, however, that the quality of the footage will be determining for the final outcome. Our editors will do their best to optimise quality within the scope of possibilities.

Do you offer free revisions?

We offer three rounds of revisions + the complete premiere files. We charge a small fee for anything beyond that depending on scope. 


How will I get my finished product?

We send files for client approval via Dropbox or Frame.io to ensure fast, safe and reliable transfers of information.

Is there anything you don’t do in terms of post-production?

Get in touch with us and let the team know exactly what you’re looking for. We have years of experience in the fields of video editing and post-production. Thus, we can handle most types of projects, including specialised wedding video production (cinematographic, documentary, storytelling, etc..)

Can I tweak or customize my package?

Yes, we believe that personalised solutions are the only way to go. This is why our team members will carry out an initial consultation with you. Once we understand your goal and specifications, we will do our best to offer a personalised, 100% tailored wedding video editing package.

Make your own customized package today!  

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