Most professional wedding video tips focus on ensuring a quality outcome once you’ve acquired clients. The business side of things, however, involves many other essentials. Relationship management is just as crucial as being a good videographer.

In terms of relationships, you will have to work hard in order please clients and you’ll also need to put some effort in professional networking. Wedding videographers can benefit tremendously from collaboration with wedding planners.

Once you get to know a planner, the types of clients they attract and the specifics of the ceremonies organized by these professionals, you’ll find it much easier to ensure the creation of a high quality clip that meets all of the client’s expectations.


The Planner Is Your Best Friend


You’ll need to acquire several important bits of information to ensure a spectacular video shoot. Where is the wedding taking place? How big is the venue? Where will the tables be positioned? How about the stage and the DJ station?

Knowing the answers to these questions will make it easier for you to plan the perfect shots and to bring all of the essential videography equipment to the venue. You can easily obtain this vital data and a lot more from the planner. As a videographer, you typically work with couples from a specific area.

The number of wedding planners working in the city or the neighborhood is limited. It may be a good idea to schedule professional meetings with these individuals, introducing yourself and the work that you do. Close communication with planners will enable you to do a better and much more efficient job.

In addition, you could get some new client referrals (the same applies to you – it’s easy to start referring clients who don’t have a planner to a professional you know and trust). It’s a give and take relationship that you’ll have to invest a bit of time in. The investment, however, will quickly pay off in the form of better professional opportunities.


Be Respectful


calendar book
Wedding planners often work on a tight schedule. If you want to partner up with a planner, you’ll need to be mindful and respectful of the work that they have to do. The easiest way to be respectful involves communicating your schedule and the work that you plan to do during the engagement party, rehearsal, ceremony and reception itself.

How much time would you need to shoot preparations, casual guest shots, interactions between the bride and groom, the party itself, etc.?

Sending a detailed schedule to the planner will enable them to organize everything flawlessly during the wedding day. If you anticipate a certain change, make sure to communicate that information promptly.

For example, you may need to eliminate an outdoor shoot due to bad weather forecast. Let the planner know that in an email and tell them how you plan to replace the footage creation opportunity that has gone out of commission.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Wedding Planner for Assistance


Here’s one of the most underestimated wedding video tips – you don’t have to struggle alone when creating the perfect film for the couple.

Just like you, the wedding planner is 100 percent committed to making the bride and groom happy. Don’t be afraid to let the planner know if something fails according to plan.

The wedding planner is one of your strongest allies who’ll come up with a solution for a problematic moment. Did you miss shooting a special part of the celebration?

Let the planner know. They will come up with a solution, even assisting you to re-shoot a certain scene. Being polite and respectful enough, as well as maintaining a bit of flexibility, will give you a chance to do your job in the best possible way.


Highlight the Spectacular Work the Wedding Planner Has Done


wedding table

Wedding planners will often use wedding video footage to promote the work that they do. When capturing the special day, you should think about the work that the planner has put into bringing the dream to reality.

Highlight the work of the planning team at least a few times during the video. You can shoot the beautiful floral arches decorating the ceremony hall. The bouquets, the table centerpieces, the favors – all of these elements contribute to the atmosphere and they should be highlighted in the wedding video (not to mention the fact these will contribute to the style and the aesthetical appeal of the footage).

Consider offering the planner a brief promo clip that you’ve crafted out of the footage you captured. Such a little gesture can go a really long way when it comes to building long-lasting professional partnerships.


Get in Touch with the Planner after the Wedding


Wedding video tips for professionals usually deal with the pre-wedding preparation and the day of footage creation itself. Here’s one final thing to keep in mind, however. You can and you should communicate with wedding planners and other professionals you collaborate with after the ceremony is over.

Give the planner a call the next day.

Thank them for the assistance and give them a brief idea of the video clip you’ll be creating for the happy couple. Ask if they need specific footage or whether you could assist them with promo clip creation.

Even if you don’t give the planner a call, send them a teaser or a short wedding video clip. The teaser could be a great addition to their own social media marketing efforts and it will he highly appreciated.

While wedding videographers are often freelances who are used to working on their own, partnerships and collaborations can be beneficial. Understand the fact that you’re not working in isolation to make the bride and groom happy.

Many other people are attempting to achieve the same and they could become serious allies. It takes a few minutes to introduce yourself to wedding planners and acquaint them with the work you do. Such an introduction, however, can have a profoundly positive and long-lasting effect on your career.


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