6 Most Common Marriage Video Editing Mistakes

6 Most Common Marriage Video Editing Mistakes

Shooting a wedding video is one thing. Being effective in post is a different affair. There are specific rules that have to be followed, as well as post-production approaches in line with the outcome you want. People who don’t have a lot of experience tend to commit a number of marriage video editing mistakes. Here are a few of the worst errors and the ways in which those can ruin the final outcome.


Jump Cuts


When you have several hours of footage and you have to put together a 30-minute wedding video, you will rely on putting together different snippets. A general rule of thumb, however, is to avoid jump cuts as much as possible. A jump cut refers to chopping up an action sequence to avoid a certain moment and “jump” ahead in the time line.

When the two parts of the motion sequence are put together, there will be a somewhat unnatural bridge. Even if you’re not going for a chronological clip, observers will want a logical progression. If you cannot ensure the smoothness of the footage, there are things you can do to break things up without having to use jump cuts.

Creating different chapters with an introduction and a conclusion, for example, can help you break down the video in sections. The integration of the cuts becomes seamless and these aren’t annoying or making people feel that they’re missing out on something.


Hanging on a Moment for Too Long


Pacing is another very important concept you will need to acquaint yourself with when doing marriage video editing. Shots need to follow a certain rhythm that gives the video dynamic appeal. Hanging on a moment for too long because you think it is beautiful or dramatic can ruin the overall pacing of the video.

Remember that the visuals have to flow seamlessly. A scene that is too long will be boring, a scene that is too short could make the observer miss out on some of the beautiful details. This is an error that can be fixed with practice and experience. If you’re just establishing your career, however, you’ll lack the instincts needed to get pacing right.


Audio Inconsistencies


Marriage video editing isn’t just about the visuals. You will also have to pay attention to the audio – the background noises, the music, the speeches and the exchange of wedding vows. Caught up in making the visuals perfect, many wedding videographers underestimate the importance of quality audio and of doing the right edits to enhance the sound.

A very common rookie mistake is to have the music track overpower all other audio tracks. The lack of blending between the different audio tracks is another serious issues. To focus on the sound, you may want to close your eyes when doing the edits. This way, your hearing will become sharper and you’ll notice whether the music is too loud or if there’s any background noise that you’ll have to address. It’s very common for videographers to find out there is an audio issue during the post-production stage.

For example, the wedding vow exchange could be too silent due to the fact that the venue was noisy. If you’re not confident in your ability to salvage the footage and the sound, you should definitely consider wedding video editing services. Professionals who specialize in post-production would do their best to give the sound the clarity and the crispness needed to give the couple the best wedding video.


Too Many Special Effects


Wedding video editing software today comes with wonderful capabilities. There will be dozens of special effects, graphics and animation features. When these are used sparingly and cleverly, they can contribute to a more engaging marriage video.

Newbies, however, tend to overdo it with special effects. Understand the fact that bigger and more isn’t always better. The bride and groom are the main stars. Special effects can highlight certain shots or special moments but they should be unobtrusive and stylistically relevant. If you overdo the filters and graphics, chances are that the final outcome will look kitschy instead of classy.


Ghost Frames


Transitions are probably one of the most difficult post-production elements to get right. Apart from jump cuts, inexperienced editors could commit another very serious error – the ghost frame. A ghost frame occurs whenever you use dissolve transitions to cut from one scene to another. Traces of the first scene could linger on too long, which contributes to the scenes getting overlaid.

The outgoing shot should never cut into the coming one before disappearing. Trim your outgoing footage to the moment when the shot ends. Make sure that the transition has been completed 100 percent by the time the new scene appears on the screen.


Poor Color Grading


Tips for Shooting Wedding Videos as a Second Shooter - Second shooter assistant

Mismatched colors are a common negative outcome of unprofessional marriage video editing. Color mismatching is very typical in wedding videos because the footage is created over the course of hours.

This means that the videographer may have to shoot at several different venues. The light conditions will also change, resulting in some shots being warmer and others featuring colder tones. A wedding video needs visual consistency from start to finish in order to look good.

If you don’t have a lot of post-production experience, you’ll probably have no idea what to do with mismatched footage colors. Color corrections are the only way to address differences stemming from the change in light conditions or the use of several cameras. To complete the process, you have to start with the footage that you like the most. All of the other mismatched footage will have to be color-corrected to correspond to the lead sample you’ve chosen.


Final Verdict


Post-production is as important as being a skilled videographer. In fact, it can make or break the quality of your marriage video. If you don’t have the experience, you may want to obtain the required qualifications before you start offering services to clients.

Alternatively, consider outsourcing wedding video post-production. Partnering up with the right team will give you a chance to do edits and offer your clients services you would have never considered possible in the past.



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How to Edit a Wedding Video Fast

How to Edit a Wedding Video Fast

Can you edit a wedding video fast? Weddings edits are time-consuming. There’s no way around it. However, there are ways to cut your editing time down significantly. These are a few strategies I use to edit a wedding video for a faster turnaround.


If possible, plan your shots before the wedding

I do not have this luxury. When I edit weddings, I am hired by the videographer after the fact. I have no communication with the videographer until after the event and I have zero input on how it is shot.

For the many videographers that also edit their highlight videos, they may have an idea in their head of what they want to see in the highlight. They can take one of their cameras and shoot specifically to grab those shots while their other cameras shoot the event in its entirety.



J, K, L, comma. Learn it. Love it. These four buttons made the biggest difference in my turnaround time more than any other advice I have to give. In most non-linear editing systems, J, K and L are key commands to shuttle left, pause, shuttle right respectively. This is so much faster than using the mouse to play your clips and click and drag around on your timeline. I don’t know about other systems, but in Adobe Premiere, the comma key command will move your elected clip to your timeline without you having to click and drag it over.

Along with J,K,L, comma, I personally would also include I and O for marking in-point and out-point as well. Using keystrokes rather than the mouse when possible does not seem like it would make that big of a difference, but over time the seconds saved add up. You will quickly find that you are saving potentially a few hours a week just by using key commands instead of the mouse.


Three Sequences: Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Reception

I love the three sequence method. Dump all footage onto one sequence and make two more copies of that sequence. Label one as the pre-ceremony, one as the ceremony and one as the reception. Delete all footage from each respective sequence that doesn’t apply to its label (like removing the reception footage in the ceremony sequence).

I like this method because when I need a break from working on one part of the wedding, I can easily jump to another part without knocking everything out of sync. Keeping them separate also mades the project feel less daunting and easier to organize.

Shooting and Using Top Video Editing Software for Church Weddings


Edit the Hard Stuff First

Editing the hard stuff first really goes hand in hand with the three sequence method. If you edit the more involved pieces first, such as the vows, the first dance and the toasts, then the rest feels like you are coasting downhill to the finish.

I like to go back and forth between editing the vows (ceremony sequence) and the speech (reception sequence). When I need a break from the more involved editing, I will go back and forth between all three sequences and remove chunks of footage I know I don’t need.


Bottom Line: It’s Still Time Consuming

No matter what strategies you use to cut down your time used to edit a wedding, it is still time-consuming. There is no way around it. The best you can do is streamline your processes to cut any unnecessary time wasted.


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6 Ways to Acquire New Clients for Your Wedding Videography Studio

6 Ways to Acquire New Clients for Your Wedding Videography Studio

Ensuring stability and the sustainable growth of your wedding videography studio depends on your marketing efforts. These are essential to attract new clients and make a name for yourself.

A wedding videography studio can work on several approaches to bring in new clients. Most of these are simple and cost-efficient.

Both online and traditional promotional methods can be employed to grow your popularity. And remember – your satisfied customers are your biggest asset. The delivery of high quality services is essential. It will ensure word of mouth promotion, a sufficient number of referrals and ongoing business for your wedding videography studio.

Other than focusing on the quality of your videography service, here are the other essential tactics you can employ to acquire new clients.


Build a Wedding Videography Studio Website


The nature of the service you provide is highly visual. People would want to see your work before they decide to contact and eventually hire you.

A wedding videography studio needs a modern and clean website. This is a primary marketing tool you can base numerous other advertising tactics on. Building a good website is far from expensive and complicated. Even if you spend money on professional design, you’ll still benefit from a high return on investment.

Make sure that your website highlights your best work and provides clients with essential information. List the types of packages available, the cost of videography, the additional services you provide, deadlines and contact information.

Finally, focus on the optimization of your website (even if you have to hire professionals for the job). Search engine optimization will help your website reach a top Google position for keywords of preference. Google traffic is niche and targeted, which can contribute to high conversion levels.


Social Media Marketing


Once you build your wedding videography studio website, start promoting on social media.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all provide tremendous opportunities for reaching potential customers and delivering a message they’ll want to see.

If you want to, you can also set up paid ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The cost per click or action is relatively low. You also have control over the demographic profile of the ad recipient. Being clever and strategic about it (for example, promoting a discount package you currently feature in your portfolio) can give you excellent results and a number of prospects.


Strong Professional Relationships Matter


Getting to know professionals like wedding planners or the owners of reception venues could also result in new business for your wedding videography studio.

To make the most of these relationships, you need to know who your ideal customer is.

If your videography style is somewhat rustic and romantic, you’ll need to get in touch with wedding planners whose clients are looking for such an experience. You will find it difficult to appeal to people interested in something modern or even futuristic.

Nourish these relationships continuously and eventually, vendors will begin recommending you to their clients. In order to get a sufficient number of referrals, you will once again have to work hard to make sure that the quality of customer service corresponds to what these vendors want for their clients.


Participate in Bridal Shows and Events


Internet and digital technologies provide amazing opportunities for wedding videography studio promotion.

While going digital is certainly essential, you shouldn’t underestimate the potential of old-school marketing.

Attending bridal shows, fairs and events is a great choice.

When employing this strategy, you’ll have to think carefully about presentation. Since you’re meeting potential clients one-on-one, you have the chance to impress them, entice them and give them a glimpse into your videography world. Investing a bit in a booth or promo materials will pay off. In addition, you’ll get more experience communicating with clients – one of the keys to turning prospects into actual customers.


Partner Up with Other Videographers


Other wedding videography studios are your competition but they could also become a source of valuable referrals.

Being on good terms with other professionals is very important. You can learn a lot from your peers and you can also acquire some business this way.

When you build relationships with other videographers, you can be asked to become their back up partner. This means that in the event of being incapable of handling a certain project, videographers will refer you to their clients.

While this approach seems to be counter-intuitive, experienced wedding photographers and videographers have been relying on it for decades to acquire new clients.


Get Involved with the Local Community


Building your reputation in the local community will grow the popularity of your brand.

Get involved with local events to get your name out there.

Do charity photoshoots. You can even organize community events and brand them under your studio’s name. Giving locally will usually translate into long-term business opportunities. Your wedding videography studio will become a recognizable entity that people will come to when looking for the specific type of service.


Final Thoughts


Let your work be your strongest marketing asset.

You will have to invest in the development of a good portfolio and a recognizable brand. If you’re just getting started, don’t be eager to get immediate returns. Your hard work will pay off in the future when people learn your name and start referring others to you.

To acquire new clients, you should also adopt a diversified marketing approach.

Both online and offline techniques can grow your popularity and increase the number of inquiries you get. Online promotion is more targeted and affordable. Offline promotion ensures direct communication with potential clients. You can make a great first impression that will result in people booking your services.

When this happens, the wheels will start turning. Your satisfied customers will do the referrals on your behalf. Word of mouth promotion is incredibly powerful and the conversion rate I very high. Thus, you should always strive to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent service quality. The happier your current clients are, the more business you’ll benefit from in the future.

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7 Ways to Get Feedback from Your Clients

7 Ways to Get Feedback from Your Clients

As a wedding videographer, you’re heavily reliant on feedback from your clients to determine what works and what doesn’t. The sustainable growth of wedding videography studios is dependent on such information. Getting real and comprehensive feedback from clients, however, isn’t an easy task. If people have to get out of their comfort zone to accomplish something, they’re not going to engage. In addition, you risk getting feedback that’s not authentic and genuine. Stimulating the provision of customer reviews on your wedding videos is dependent on several creative strategies. Here are a few of the best techniques and solutions you can rely on to collect meaningful feedback. (more…)

6 Tools You Must Have as a Wedding Videographer

6 Tools You Must Have as a Wedding Videographer

What do you need to establish a successful wedding videography business? The right camera, lenses and the best professional wedding video editing software are just a few of the essentials. To organize your operations in the best possible way, however, you’ll also need a couple of business tools. Wedding videographers often have to manage every aspect of running their business – from marketing to booking and dealing with customer service essentials. The good news is that various tools simplify these processes, increase effectiveness and boost productivity.


File Storage and Organization Solutions


Even if you have your own server, you’ll still need a good system to organize and manage digital files. Chances are that you have so many multimedia files per project – from raw footage to teasers and finished clips. Organizing all of those essentials and making them readily available is one of the keys to smooth operations. Document management systems come in all shapes and sizes. Cloud-based solutions are usually most affordable and they’re scalable.

The storage space, functionalities and data reports can grow as your business expands. The right document management solution allows you to add labels and tags to all of your files. This way, you can retrieve the documents you need to do your job effortlessly. If you’re just relying on the file name or you’ve misplaced a file, the situation can become truly cumbersome. Zoho Docs is one of the most reliable cloud-based document management solutions. The WorkDrive comes with free trial and it’s suitable for the management of both document-based and multimedia files.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools


Unless you’ve outsourced accounting and bookkeeping, you’ll be responsible for the financial aspects of running your business. At the very least, you will need a good invoicing solution. There are many cloud-based accounting systems that are accessible from multiple locations. Thus, you can input information your bookkeeper can see and retrieve to keep your financial documents in order. If you’re looking for quality free accounting tools, you may want to try ZipBooks, Money Manager Ex and AdminSoft.


Project Management Tool


How are you going to communicate with your clients? How can you keep track of progress made on different project? You need a quality project management tool. Some of these solutions also offer storage space and they may be compatible with other software products you use (including the best professional wedding video editing software).

You can set milestones, exchange files with your clients and keep track of overall progress. Project management tools are also ideal for getting feedback. Wrike is one of the best options in terms of online project management and it comes with a free version for small businesses. Trello is another leader in the field.


Video Conferencing Software


Often, it would be impossible to meet your clients several times following the footage creation. Even if you’re using the best professional wedding video editing software, you could still miss the mark in the absence of effective communication. One choice you have is calling your clients to discuss the details of their wedding video creation.

Video conferencing, however, is a much better option. Scheduling a few brief video conference sessions will give you much more information about what your clients prefer. You’ll get to see their facial expressions and body language – an essential form of feedback to the ideas you’re suggesting. Skype, ezTalks and Zoom all are free of charge options for video conferencing with your clients. These are tools you can also use with sub-contractors or business partners you’re relying on to get the job done.


Social Media Marketing Management Tools


Every business out there has become extensively dependent on a solid online presence for reputation establishment and marketing. Chances are that you’re doing your own online advertising but to be effective, you will need to employ a few tools. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods wedding videographers can employ.

Through the selection of the right channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, you can highlight the best features of your work and attract new customers. Instead of posting individually on all these platforms and doing manual administration/communication with followers, you can rely on social media campaign management tools. When it comes to the best choices in this field, Hootsuite has long established itself as the market leader.


A Website Builder


Unless you plan to outsource website development, you’ll need to take care of the task by yourself. You absolutely need a website to feature your portfolio, build your online reputation and enable potential clients to contact you. Platforms like WordPress make it easy to develop your own website through the use of free themes and plugins.

The only thing you’ll be responsible for is buying your domain and some reliable hosting. If you’re not happy with what WordPress has to offer as far as website development goes, you can opt for a third-party builder like Wix. Wix offers a free account for small businesses and it’s a great choice for people who are not developers.

The builder comes with drag and drop functionalities that will enable you to put together a custom, mobile-friendly and responsive website for your wedding videography business. Even if you want to put together an online store, you can still accomplish the task through the use of the said builder. As you can see, having the best professional wedding video editing software is essential but there are many other tools your business will benefit from.

Take some time to strategize and determine the aspects of operation you will be handling on your own. Based on this plan, you’ll get to determine the tools and software products required to simplify, automate and enhance processes. Many tools are available free of charge for small businesses but they offer limited capabilities. As your business starts to expand, you may want to consider a switch to more advanced versions that give you access to additional features and produce more information for better business management.

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8 Incredibly Sweet and Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Videos

8 Incredibly Sweet and Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Videos

Celebrities – we love them, we follow them online, we want a piece of their lives. Artistically-inclined and affluent, actors, musicians and other talented individuals from across the globe organize incredibly lavish weddings. Needless to say, we adore the fact! Celebrity wedding videos are often released, giving us a glimpse into the romantic stories of the rich and the famous. Here are a few of the sweetest, most aesthetically pleasing and stunning celebrity wedding clips.


Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook


The Big Bang Theory star shared snaps from her wedding day via her Instagram account. One thing is certain – no professional wedding video editing software was used on these snaps. Cuoco’s shots aim to document the warmth and family-style of the wedding day. Even pets were present for the occasion, showing that the wedding was anything but official. The casual style and the coziness of the reception made the video choice an ideal one.


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Kidman also took it to Instagram to share moments from her special day with the rest of the world. The video also carries casual vibes and it presents different snaps from the big day. The videographer used professional wedding video editing software to create a beautiful and dynamic collage of special, captured moments. This celebrity power couple has been together for more than 12 years and their social media still show a great deal of love and appreciation for each other. Add this fact to the romantic nature of the wedding clip and you have a definite emotional front-runner in the realm of celebrating love and devotion.


Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer


Head to Amy’s Instagram if you want to see a little sample of her wedding day. A documentary-style wedding video, this one makes good use of the beautiful scenery and the beachy location. A drone captured the scenery from above, giving the viewer a much better understanding of the surroundings. There are celebrity guests, moving vows and funny moments – everything you would want from a memorable wedding video. Make sure you watch the entire thing until you reach the bride’s vows. Amy delivers in her typical style and the vows will definitely make you laugh.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi


One of the world’s most beloved couples – Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi – also made their wedding video public. It’s a massive hit, having been watched more than 1.29 million times on YouTube. The wedding took place in 2008 and the clip features a lot of “behind the scenes” footage. We see the two lovely ladies preparing for their big day, even a bit of anxiety and nervousness in anticipation of the ceremony. There isn’t an awful lot of editing or special effects but the video is still unique. Ellen and Portia also went for a documentary-style video relying on basic professional wedding video editing software. The special moments and emotion of the two women in love certainly add to the appeal of the clip and preclude the need for more extensive post-production. Watch the video to explore the beauty of the venue, the moment Ellen and Portia saw each other for the first time in their wedding outfits, a photo montage and of course – the ceremony itself.


Jay Z and Beyonce


The R&B powercouple has been very private in terms of keeping their lives away from the prying eyes of fans and journalists. In time, however, both Beyonce and Jay Z have released snippets of private footage to their followers. Beyonce took it to Instagram to present some of the most touching wedding ceremony moments. On the couple’s wedding anniversary in 2019, Jay Z also released a bit of wedding footage. The clip is quite elegant and soft – exactly what one would expect from Queen Bee. There are several intimate details captured on film like the placement of the wedding ring on Beyonce’s finger. Needless to say, the soundtrack consists of some of Beyonce’s most romantic and iconic tracks.


Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock


If you’re looking for a truly romantic and serene celebrity wedding video, this one is an obvious winner. Kelly Clarkson got married in October, 2013. Her wedding video highlights the beautiful scenery before moving on to a few candid shots of the lovely couple. The video looks a bit more edited and polished than some of the previous entries in the list. Professional wedding video editing software use is obvious and that’s a good thing. As a result of the skilled post-production work, the clip has a more traditional, even somewhat of a vintage feel to it. The music choice enhances the emotional appeal of the clip even further.


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson


While Jessica Simpson did not release her wedding video in its entirety, a few snippets were made available via the PeopleTV YouTube channel. The décor is most definitely the biggest highlight of the video. A skilled videographer has also managed to capture a number of intricate details that add charm and personality to the footage. Beautifully arranged wedding rings, the table centerpieces, the chandeliers at the reception venue and the bride’s gown are all allowed to shine. This is yet another wedding video that uses drone shots to give the viewer a more immersive view of the venue. Warm and somewhat dark, the clip looks both cozy and incredibly sophisticated.


Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish


Kevin Hart is known for being a funny guy. Thus, people would expect a wedding video from him similar to what Amy Schumer released to the public. Instead, we got an emotional and very romantic clip. The video is in complete contrast with Kevin’s personality, showing a side of the actor that many members of the public could be unfamiliar with. While professional wedding video editing software could contribute to a beautiful outcome, it doesn’t make an amazing clip. The idea behind the video, the emotion and the skills of the videographer will all be required to produce a truly moving video. Some of the best celebrity wedding clips stand as definitive evidence of the claim.

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