A wedding has many important components you have to film to make your clients happy.

Today’s set of wedding video tips for professionals will focus on capturing those intimate moments when the bride and groom are getting ready for the big event. This type of footage is often used to open up the video. It sets the tone and shows the excitement, which is why you have to do a stellar job.

Brides and grooms usually get ready at different locations, which can be somewhat challenging to capture if you’re doing the videography on your own.

In addition, the light may be less than optimal. The venues where wedding preparations occur also tend to be rather small, which limits the possibilities for the installation of lights or other necessary types of equipment.

These are all common challenges that experienced wedding videographers know how to address. Making the most of the prep shots involves knowing which details to capture and also directing the couple gently to make every single moment meaningful.


Prep Shot Wedding Video Tips: Do the Preliminary Work


white wedding dress

This is one of the most important wedding video tips that will affect the outcome of every single interaction. It’s crucial to sit down with the bride and groom and have a chat before the big day arrives.

Prep footage creation is all about those intimate moments. You may want to share a list of shots that you’d like to film.

Giving the bride and groom some information about what you’re trying to accomplish will enable them to cooperate and facilitate your job. If you need to, show the couple some prep footage from prior weddings you’ve filmed.

Actual footage will give them a good idea about what you’re trying to accomplish. The couple will also have an opportunity to provide input about the need to capture additional moments or eliminate some of the typical shots.


Discuss the Details


Prep footage is very often about the little details that suggest what the ceremony and the reception are going to be like. You can open the video in many ways. Scenic shots of the venue are a possibility.

The same applies to still shots that feature some of the most important wedding elements – the dress, the bride’s bouquet, the seated arrangement and decorations at the place where the ceremony is going to take place, the bridesmaid dresses. Come up with a list of the elements and the details you want to capture.

Using a checklist will help you get organized during the wedding day. You will know exactly what you need to accomplish and how many shots you’ll still need to create before moving forward.


Pro Wedding Video Tips: Reenact Some of the Shots


wedding hair with withe roses

While making all of the shots natural and spontaneous, this isn’t always going to be possible.

This is especially true when several things take place simultaneously. Know which types of footage you have to prioritize. If a specific shot can be reenacted, capture other footage first. The makeup session that the bride has is one of the prep elements that can be reenacted.

A makeup artist is a seasoned pro who knows how wedding videography goes. Thus, they will cooperate and act natural if you need to capture this aspect of the preparation a second time. Typically, makeup application shots necessitate more direction that inexperienced videographers anticipate. This is why you should be prepared to do the reenactment.

The first time around will be the trial run. Next time, you’ll know exactly what to ask for and which additional moments you’ll have to capture. Don’t be afraid to coach the bride and groom, as well as members of their party.

Everyone is on the same page when it comes to getting a quality outcome. Thus, people will be more than happy to cooperate.


Find the Light


white wedding dress

Now that you have a directorial direction, it’s time to pay attention to the technical aspects of footage creation.

Always arrive to the venue early to test the light and make some adjustments if such are necessary. Look for direct light that isn’t too bright. You can ask the bride and the groom to be seated in a specific part of the room while getting ready.

A larger room will allow for the placement of an external flash or a projector but this isn’t always going to be a viable option. Examine the room and try to find a spot that features a clean background on top of good light. Such settings allow the details to pop and allow for crisper footage creation.


Interact with People to Make Them Feel Comfortable


Very few people who know they’re being filmed will act in a natural way. Thus, you may end up with a lot of stiff shots as a part of the prep work.

It’s very important to interact with the bride, her mom, the bridesmaids and other people involved in those preliminary moments. Getting everybody to open up and feel comfortable will have a massive impact on footage quality.

Do some test shots in the beginning and walk around so that people get used to your presence.

You need to blend into the surroundings and become a part of the prep work group. Communication is the key way to accomplish the goal. If you’re open and pleasant enough, people will soon stop paying special attention to you and feeling self-conscious.


Focus on Family and Connections


Prep footage creation is very exciting because it results in an array of really emotional and unforgettable shots.

Focus on highlighting the relationship between the bride and the groom, the anticipation and the connections to family members and friends. Getting to capture the reaction of the father’s bride when he sees her in the wedding dress for the first time will be priceless.

Show the gentleness of her mom, the maid of honor’s humor and the groom’s eager anticipation to get married to the love of his wife. Remember that you’re telling a love story in 30 minutes. Know what the story is and where to look for important details.

Don’t focus to much on objects and beautiful shots, focus on the people. if you accomplish this goal, your prep footage will be impeccable.


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