With so many simple and effective wedding videography marketing approaches to choose among, pinpointing the ones bound to deliver the best results may turn into a difficult task.

How do you plan such campaigns? Do you base the decision on your budget? Do you try to calculate the expected return on investment? Or maybe the opportunity bound to connect you to the most qualified leads?

All of these considerations are important and luckily, digital marketing campaigns can give you good results on all three fronts.

Content marketing for wedding videography is the one that makes the most sense. It highlights your work, builds your reputation and shows clients what you’re capable of achieving.

In the past, content marketing was seen as a synonym for blogging. Today, the concept has expanded. From creating a YouTube channel to having a digital portfolio on your studio website, all of the content formats and dissemination channels could give you excellent results.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas about how to use content marketing for wedding videography, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few strategies that are cost-efficient, yield good results and can be implemented on your own.


Let Your Videos Shine


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While text is pretty much still the heart and soul of content marketing, the internets interest in video has been growing exponentially over the past few years.

Did you know that 53 per cent of people will engage with a brand after watching a video on a social media? This statistic stands as evidence of video marketing’s effectiveness. When it comes to millennials, the figure is even higher and it exceeds 65 per cent.

You can upload a couple of wedding video samples or put together one promotional video that features different examples of your work.

A dedicated, clever promotional video is one of the best chances you have at going viral. And this is precisely what wedding videography marketing through content should try achieving. When people like your work, they’ll be more than happy to do the marketing for you. They’ll share, they’ll comment and most importantly – they’ll recommend your services.

So, before thinking about the channels that make the most sense, work on a couple of promotional videos that highlight your best work. These will give you a pretty good idea about what you’re capable of accomplishing through content-based promotion.


Write about Your Professional Experiences


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Content marketing for wedding videography also gives you a chance to present the “human face” of your business.

It’s relatively informal and it gives the audience a glance at your world. One of the best ways to reveal the everyday challenges and rewards a wedding videographer faces involves starting a blog.

You can have a blogging section added to your wedding videography studio website. The approach makes a lot of sense because it will generate fresh content for your business website and help with better search engine positioning.

It’s really up to you what you’re going to write about, as long as you keep the content fresh and original. Most topics have already been discussed but you can introduce your original spin that’s based on the experiences you’ve accumulated through the years.

Some wedding videography blog content creation ideas could include the following:

  • Behind the scenes articles (what it takes to shoot a splendid wedding video)
  • A day in the life of a wedding videographer
  • Useful tips and suggestions for brides and grooms
  • Funny facts nobody knows about doing video shoots during weddings
  • Posts presenting a specific wedding video (a lot of footage should be added alongside the text to create a visual story)
  • Presentations of different videography styles and what types of weddings they’re suitable for

You get the picture – there are so many aspects of your work you can write about.

Good content attempts to accomplish one of two things – inform or entertain. Sometimes, you’ll be capable of doing both with a single blog post and this is when genuine magic will be born.

You don’t have to blog every single day but sticking to a publication schedule will help you achieve your wedding videography marketing goals. It’s a good idea to start with at least one publication per week. Longer texts tend to perform better with search engines so take your time and craft something meaningful.


Use All of the Visual Social Media


Currently, YouTube has more than two billion active monthly users and each one of these people watches an average of 11.5 minutes of video per day. That’s a massive audience you should be attempting to reach with your wedding videography content marketing strategy.

Creating your dedicated YouTube channel is a nice way to supplement the content already featured on your website. For best results, do create different clips for website and YouTube uploads.

YouTube gives you a chance to be more playful and more original with your approach. Don’t be afraid of doing something unusual – these are the types of videos that perform best.

Here’s a fun example of how you can play with video content for the creation of engaging YouTube videos:

Since its upload, this clip has been watches more than 1.34 million times. It shows the creative process of shooting a wedding and putting a cool clip together for the newlywed couple.

Obviously, you will need to work with a second videographer to produce such content for your YouTube channel. Spending some time and effort on quality clip creation, however, makes sense. When the video is accompanied by the right text and you do a bit of promotional work, it will potentially continue generating leads for years to come.

Instagram and Facebook are two other social media you shouldn’t be underestimating.

Video performs really well on Facebook and the minutes of watched video on the platform are increasing. Facebook is a fun choice you can explore for live streams. Doing a bit of live streaming on the job is fun, fresh and many people would love to see you in action.

A good Instagram presence needs to feature both photos and videos. There’s one more powerful content marketing tool that the network provides you with – stories. Instagram stories are yet another chance to give the audience a little bit of behind the scenes information.


LinkedIn Could Also Be Great for Wedding Videography Marketing


The social networks are already mentioned are the ones that most wedding videographers will target. One more opportunity exists and while it isn’t that popular, it can still deliver good results.

LinkedIn is a professional social network and having a studio page there makes a lot of sense.

While clients may not use LinkedIn to find someone who’ll shoot their wedding, the channel is very important for building your professional reputation.

Think of it this way – LinkedIn will act as an additional reputation establishment resource that builds a comprehensive picture alongside all of the other tools and channels you utilise.

Initially, LinkedIn was pretty rigid in terms of content types you could upload. Luckily, things have started to change.

Today, you can add slideshows, image galleries and videos to your LinkedIn professional presentations. And while LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily establish itself as a primary source of clientele for wedding videographers, it can deliver excellent chances for networking with other professionals.

A wedding planner, for example, could use LinkedIn to identify potential partners to recommend to their own customers. In this sense, LinkedIn could also help for the acquisition of new clients, albeit in a more indirect way.


Content Marketing for Wedding Videography: Original and Personalised


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Online wedding videography marketing gives you a chance to show the world what you’re capable of and how your work is unique.

Think about informing, engaging and setting yourself apart through the wedding videography content marketing choices you make.

If you do a bit of research, you will come across dozens of content creation ideas and channels you can use to inform others about your work. In their essence, most of these approaches focus on one and the same thing – give your audience valuable content that they will enjoy.

So, before setting up your YouTube channel or writing a blog post, take some time to think and brainstorm. This is the most important and probably the most time-consuming process linked to content marketing. Once you have a cohesive idea in line with your brand, you can begin the promotional work itself.

A final thing to keep in mind is that you should be tracking content performance on the go. The number of views and interactions will give you a better idea about what the audience wants. Analytical information is ready to access both for your website and your social channels.

This is the information you should be relying on to fine-tune your approach in the future and give your audience even better content.


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