As a wedding videographer, you’re heavily reliant on feedback from your clients to determine what works and what doesn’t. The sustainable growth of wedding videography studios is dependent on such information.

Getting real and comprehensive feedback from clients, however, isn’t an easy task. If people have to get out of their comfort zone to accomplish something, they’re not going to engage. In addition, you risk getting feedback that’s not authentic and genuine.

Stimulating the provision of customer reviews on your wedding videos is dependent on several creative strategies. Here are a few of the best techniques and solutions you can rely on to collect meaningful feedback.


Send a Quick Survey Email


Just like all other professionals offering services, wedding videographers can benefit from customer surveys. Creating an online form and sending the link to your clients via email is the easiest option for ensuring participation.

Google Forms is a simple and effective choice you can rely on. A good survey asks the right questions. It’s also concise and easy to fill out, encouraging clients to share information about their experience. Keep open-ended questions to a minimum.

Still, provide your clients with an opportunity to share freeform information about their experience, the aspects of the interactions they liked and the ones they weren’t too keen on. An ideal survey will feature anywhere between three and five questions. If you want to, you can make the survey anonymous to get clients sharing their honest feedback.


Comments on Dropbox Files


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For many wedding videographers, getting feedback throughout the work process will be vital to the production of a quality outcome. Apart from having an end of project survey, you should also develop a method for ongoing feedback collection.

Feedback on Dropbox files is one way to get ongoing information about the needs and preferences of your clients. Clients will simply have to open the file that they’d like to comment on and provide their opinion in the form of a few written lines.

This approach is heavily beneficial because of the convenience factor. You can share files effortlessly and get instant criticism or praise. Clients will feel included in the process, which could contribute to a higher level of overall satisfaction.


Wedding Videography Studio Social Media Reviews


As a wedding videographer, you need to be using social media. Platforms like Facebook provide unparalleled marketing opportunities, a chance to build a community and to interact effortlessly with your clients. Facebook comments can be shared privately (via Messenger) or publicly (via a Facebook page). It’s up to you to decide which method you’re going to favor in the communication with clients. Most people are present on at least one social channel, which once again contributes to the convenience factor.


Vimeo Comments


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Vimeo gives you a chance to once again share videos with your clients effortlessly over the crowd. The privacy settings of videos can be adjusted so that your clients are the only ones with access.

Just like in the case of Dropbox usage, Vimeo allows you to share work files and to get instant feedback on those in the form of comments. All you have to do to get the process started is share the Vimeo link with the respective client. You can continue modifying and reuploading the work files until you come close to what your customer is looking for.


Phone Communication


Getting in touch with your clients doesn’t always have to be reliant on digital channels of communication. Some old-school approaches for receiving feedback still deliver the best results today. Wedding videographers often have to go over extensive details with your clients. In order to give you an online comment, customers will need to type out an entire essay.

Obviously, only few people will go through such a bother to provide you with feedback. When the provision of information has to be more extensive, a phone conversation would be the safest bet. On top of being simple and effective, phone conversations give you additional hints. You can assess the tone and the manner in which your client is speaking. Such additional clues will let you know whether you’re on the right track or you’ve missed the mark completely.


A Wedding Videography Studio Online Review Form


Every professional, wedding videographers included, needs to have a website. Today, it’s easier than ever to put together your online presence. Platforms like WordPress and free design themes enable anyone to handle the process on their own.

A wedding videography studio website builds your online presence, it allows for the creation of high quality digital marketing campaigns and the presentation of your work. In addition, websites feature contact information clients can use to get in touch with their videographer. Apart from featuring your contact info, you can also have a feedback form on your website. The client fills out the form and you get a message that informs you of their needs.

Online forms are more convenient than sending an email because they eliminate a few of the steps clients will have to complete in order to get in touch with you. Such a functionality on your website doesn’t have to cost anything – there are dozens of free contact form plugins on WordPress.


Frame.io Video Reviews and Collaboration


Dedicated collaboration tools for wedding videographers provide additional opportunities for the provision of adequate feedback. Frame.io is one of the popular options. The use of Frame.io enables the provision of direct feedback on the video itself. Comments and threaded replies appear in the online platform, eliminating the need for email back and forth altogether. Frame.io is available free of charge and if you want to simplify the communication with your customers, this may be the one online platform to consider.


Wipster Video Feedback


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Just like the previous option, Wipster enables the easy provision of comments in a cloud-based platform. Hence, it simplifies the job of wedding videographers and it also gives clients the chance to be actively involved in the editing and production processes.

To use Wipster for feedback, you’ll simply need to send a link to your clients. Comments are visible in real time as your customer is watching the video and making notes. Hence, the process of editing and changing videos on the basis of client preferences becomes much faster. Wipster isn’t free of charge but those who intend to grow their business and video studios that have numerous clients to deal with can benefit from such an opportunity.


Address Negative Feedback Adequately!


Apart from choosing the right communication form, you should also have a procedure in place for addressing negative feedback. Giving clients who are unhappy precisely what they need in a timely manner can turn them from disgruntled customers into loyal fans.

This is the main reason why negative feedback deserves extra attention on your behalf. While it’s impossible to always please your clients, you should definitely show that you care. You should always thank clients for feedback, whether positive or negative.

Responding quickly can also appeal customers – statistics show that the vast majority of people expects an online response from service providers within two hours. Let your client know that you’ll either do fixes or get in touch with them to discuss the situation further. Taking responsibility can resolve a problem without any lingering bad feelings.

Thus, negative feedback can help you enhance the reputation of your wedding videography studio when addressed correctly. Collect client feedback, pay attention to the information and make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. There are dozens of tools at your disposal so there’s really no excuse!


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