Every single service provider out there knows the saying “the client is always right.” It’s also true that every experienced service provider knows the saying isn’t 100 percent correct.

You can have the best wedding video camera, the most knowledge and an excellent approach. Still, there will be clients who’ll ask you for something completely ridiculous or even impossible.

As a wedding videographer, you know that the request isn’t in the client’s best interest. What’s the right approach to adopt in such circumstances? Can you avoid a negative client experience? Is it a good idea to disagree with your clients and if so, how should you handle the difficult conversation?


Difficult Clients


Every videographer has come across difficult clients who make nearly impossible requests. They may be unhappy with the professional wedding video equipment, your approach or even the style of videography altogether. In such instances, you need to communicate thoroughly in person.

Once you set the parameters of the project, draft a written agreement and have the client sign the document.

If they make a specific request later on that’s not featured in the contract, you’ll have the freedom to turn them down. Occasionally, you may decide to give in to customer requests as a form of courtesy. This, however, should happen only in instances when you believe the request will have a positive impact on the final product.

Most often, clients who have specific requests are clueless about the effect their demand will have on the wedding video. The first step in such instances would be to communicate your beliefs about the specific request and how it could ruin the quality of the video. When you remain calm and willing to engage in thorough communication, you’ll typically get across to customers.


Ways to Tell Customers They’re Not Right


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Telling a customer that they’re not right is very, very difficult. All the high-end equipment and experience in the world cannot prepare you for such a conversation.

Each case is unique and specific. Hence, you’ll need to handle the process in a personalized manner. There are ways to suggest something different to your studio’s client without saying explicitly that they’re wrong. Here are a few of the communication essentials you will need to master.


Focus on Facts


You have a contract and you have information about what’s been agreed upon. If you’ve exchanged emails with the clients, you can use this information to justify the wedding video creation decisions you’ve made.

There’s no need to directly go out there and tell a customer that what they want is ridiculous. Being calm, collected and professional will help you avoid a crisis because few people will continue arguing whenever they’re presented with facts.


Try To Change the Client’s Perspective


Often, customers want something very specific for their wedding video because they can’t imagine an alternative.

If you have a specific example in your portfolio, you can show it to the customer. Seeing another point of view will make it easier for couples to imagine what you’re going for and to embrace the specific solution.

Many people have expectations based on what they’ve seen in their friend’s wedding video, for example. It’s up to you to show them something different and potentially better.

As a service provider, you can educate clients in order to give them an outcome they would have never thought of on their own.


Give Clients a Few Solutions


You know that your client is wrong but just saying that isn’t going to fix anything. The trick here is to make the customer feel that they’re still in charge. You can accomplish the goal by offering a few alternatives.

Let the client choose the one that they like the most. When people have a few possible solutions, they’ll potentially identify at least one that they are happy with.


Get More Feedback


Do you feel that your client has made a ridiculous request?

Learning a bit more about their motivation could help you understand the reason for the demand. Based on this information, you could offer an alternative that will be in line with the client’s preferences.

Many professionals tend to shut down the moment they sense a client is unhappy or too pushy.

Closing the lines of communication, however, isn’t beneficial for anyone involved. Ask additional questions in connection to a client’s ludicrous request. Try to find out what they’re aiming to achieve. Chances are that as a professional, you will find another way to get there so that everyone is happy.


Know When to Let Go


It’s possible for clients to remain stubborn even after extensive communication and being offered an alternative by their wedding videographer.

You could change your professional wedding video equipment, you could increase the scope of services included in the package to no avail. It’s important to learn when to give up and let a client go.

As a wedding videographer, you will occasionally have to “fire” customers in order to preserve your sanity instead of wasting endless hours on demands that aren’t going anywhere.

The customer isn’t always right.

Accepting some requests will result in a mediocre product, a video you’re not going to be proud of. Too much bargaining, incessant change demands, clients who aren’t following the terms agreed upon and fickle clients will typically result in a wedding video that’s pedestrian at best.

In instances when you and a client cannot come to an agreement, it may be best to tell them that you’re not the right professional for the job. Let the client know why you cannot meet their demands and what quality standards you follow. When a client refuses to listen to your professional advice, there’s very little left to do as a part of the collaboration.

Usually, it’s best to explain in writing why you want to terminate the relationship. A paper trail is always a good idea in the event of a messy follow-up. There will certainly be a reaction from the client that you should respond to politely but firmly. Such situations will occur very infrequently but they could test your patience.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for the worst possible outcome so that you could recover from the situation quickly.


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