Professional wedding videography – Is this something you really need for your special day?

You will certainly have a photographer. Chances are that many of the attending relatives will be creating footage with their smartphones, giving you access to tons of clips. In this case, should you also pay for a wedding videographer?

Professional wedding videography enables opportunities you’re not going to obtain in any other way. If you’re still wondering about it, keep on reading to discover some of the main reasons why you may want to hire a cameraman.


Is It Necessary?


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The short answer to the question is no, hiring a wedding videographer isn’t necessary.

You can have a great day without capturing the footage. The problem stems from the potential regret that you will experience later on.

Professional wedding videography allows you to relive the moment.

It captures the most special occurrences during the wedding. It gives you a chance to witness things you would have missed otherwise – Your own reactions, the ways guests are having fun, little moments during the reception that you didn’t get to see because you were busy with other things.

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Many of the brides who refrain from hiring a wedding videographer share their regret about the decision later on.

In fact, 98 per cent of the women who make this choice confirm that they regret it later on.

Videography captures memories in a way that pictures cannot. It creates a lovely memento from a special day that would never be repeated. If you want to preserve as many special moments from the wedding as possible, hiring a videographer would be the smart thing to do.


Professional Wedding Videography Witnesses the Wedding in a Special Way


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There’s one more aspect of hiring a professional cameraman that we need to discuss.

Do you have a specific vision for the wedding, for the pictures, the décor and the reception? Chances are that you’ll answer yes. Every couple envisions their dream wedding in a specific way. Everyone involved in the planning, from the relatives to the catering company should be aware of this vision.

Professional wedding videography allows for the full recreation of the fantasy.

You see, the cameraman isn’t just there to witness and document events.

When planning the shoot, you can discuss your specific idea and the style of video you have in mind. You can opt for a black and white retro wedding clip. You can go for something much more abstract that involves the creative use of colours or even props.

If you want to see your wedding in a very specific way, partnering up with a videographer would be the best way to go.

Before selecting the professional who is going to witness and capture your wedding, check out their portfolio. It will give you a good idea about the artistic style and the creative executions that the respective cameraman is comfortable with.

Also, be very specific when discussing the shoot. Share your vision, you can even share a list of shots that you want to have captured.

Will there be special effects used? Animated transitions from one chapter of the story to the next?

Don’t be afraid to put together an ambitious project. An experienced, reputable wedding videographer will be more than happy to get involved in the execution.


Isn’t It Way Too Expensive?


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Planning a wedding can be incredibly costly.

Statistics show that the average wedding in the US costs $24,723 and £30,355 in the UK. That sum was estimated in 2019 and it’s an all-time high as far as wedding preparations go.

In an attempt to reduce that amount, many couples wonder about the services they could cut. The wedding videographer is one of the first to go but the study quoted above suggests that it isn’t the primary contributor to the high cost.

Marquee hire, food and drinks and renting a very popular venue are the three factors that contribute the most to high wedding expenditure.

In fact, 33 per cent of the couples questioned reported that they overspent on food and drinks with an average expenditure of £5,862 or $7,515 on this aspect of the wedding. Of all couples, 28 per cent choose to have an open bar, which can lead to the expenditure piling up.

Professional wedding videography is far from the primary culprit when it comes to overspending.

Most videographers are actually willing to work with their clients and offer a cost-efficient solution.

There will usually be multiple packages for couples to choose among. Some of these will be more expensive and they’ll feature lots of extras. Other wedding video packages will be much more affordable. They will potentially involve fewer hours of filming and a shorter final clip without compromising the quality.


Get a Professional Who Can Do Both!


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Some wedding photographers also offer videography services and vice versa.

Finding such a professional to partner up with can reduce the cost of photography and videography because you will be getting a package.

If you really want to have a wedding video (as you should!), look for videographers who can also handle photography. Usually, such studios will have two people attending your wedding. One of them will be responsible for photos and one will be responsible for videos.

You’ll get the outcome you’ve always wanted without spending a massive amount on either project.


A Few Additional Reasons Why Professional Wedding Videography Is a Must


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Have you heard of the term wedding haze? It’s a real thing and it can affect your memory of the big day.

On your wedding day, you will potentially be stressed out and you’ll be experiencing an adrenaline rush. After all, you’ll be getting married – a life-altering moment!

Because of all these factors and the significant amounts of time spent in preparation, many brides and grooms report forgetting large portions of the wedding day.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if you don’t have the memory of the day on which you said “I do” to the love of your life? Chances are that you will forget many of the important details because of your own state of mind.

Wedding videography enables you to take a second look at the event and experience everything you could have missed the first time around. Could you put a price tag on such an experience?

In addition, photo is just not enough for some moments.

Can you imagine capturing the beauty and the emotion of the first wedding dance in pictures? This simply isn’t achievable. The ambiance will be missing – the sounds, the movements, the gentle effect of romantic music.

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The wedding dance is just one example of such a moment. The same applies to the best man’s speech, the throwing of the wedding bouquet or the proud father bringing his daughter to the altar.

Video is the only medium that can recreate the environment and truly bring back all of those memories.


Wedding Videographer: Yes or No?


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The final decision is up to you.

If your budget is already stretched thin, you’ll probably be trying to come up with reasons why hiring a wedding videographer isn’t a good idea.

You’re too camera-shy. There will be guests capturing footage. It really is an unnecessary splurge and what matters the most is being in the moment.

The one thing you should understand is that your budget can handle the expenditure on professional wedding videography. There are so many ingenious ways to cut out some of the costs without depriving yourself.

Choosing a charming but less popular venue than the one you want is one idea. Creating the wedding decorations on your own if you’re crafty is another.


The One Way to Decide


There is one very simple way to decide if you really need wedding videography.

Are you trying to convince yourself that you don’t but deep in your heart you’re really yearning for that spectacular footage? Are you 100 per cent confident that you’re not going to regret the decision down the line.

If you cannot say honestly and confidently that you don’t need a wedding video, you should definitely consider partnering up with a professional cameraman. A reputable videographer will work with you and come up with a package deal or a payment plan that will suit your needs.

Even if you worry that you’ll look bad, that the video will be superficial or lacking, chances are that you’ll overcome these fears once you come across the right professional videographer.

To experience the full range of benefits, take some time to research your options and talk to several potential cameramen. Being careful about your selection and knowing exactly what you want in advance will make the negotiations easier.

Don’t be afraid to get specific and to ask exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you feel that it’s a bit too much, you will potentially discover a professional who will be up to the challenge and who’ll give you the precise outcome you’re looking for.


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