How do you create animated titles for your wedding videos? Which software should you use?

Wedding video post production is the final part of the process that ensures the quality of the outcome and consistency with the couple’s requirements. Depending on the theme and the genre, you can incorporate various elements in the post production process to elevate the footage.

Wedding video animation is a good choice that can be quite elegant or 100 per cent whimsical.

Animated titles will provide essential information about the ceremony. Through animated titles, you can incorporate wishes and messages for the couple from the ceremony guests. You can add the wedding vows or any other element that will enhance the emotional appeal of the video.

Creating animated titles for wedding videos is far from challenging but you have to be aware of the wedding video post production software capabilities. If you’re not confident in your skills, you should definitely outsource the process and hire professionals to handle editing and effect creation for you.


Select the Right Template



Most wedding video editing programs allow the introduction of templates for the creation of wedding animation videos.

Various templates are available free of charge. You can easily integrate those with programs like Adobe Premier.

If you cannot create animated titles from scratch, a template will provide a viable option.

While simple, this approach has one downside. You will not enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of modifying the text’s appearance or the animated effect. The template does one thing – hold information and display it in a very specific way.

The use of templates is a suitable approach for people who do not have a ton of experience with wedding video post production. There’s a wide range of options to choose among and most of those are available either for free or against a small charge. When paying for templates, choose classic themes that can be used time and time again in the creation of different kinds of wedding videos.


Are Free Video Intro Makers a Good Choice?


macbook and drawing board

A little bit of online research will reveal a big number free of charge wedding video editing solutions aimed at the creation of introductions, animations and special effects.

Anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience will feel drawn towards such solutions.

Is a free video intro maker a good choice, however?

The short answer is no, especially if you want to give your clients a professional outcome.

For a start, such solutions may be free solely if you choose the basic version. If you want additional templates and functionalities, you may have to pay for costly add-ons.

The customer support will be limited (another problem). Free software has its limitations because you’re not paying to get maintenance and upgrades. In addition, you risk getting animated effects that appear to be somewhat amateurish.


Making Wedding Video Animated Titles: Composition and Aesthetic Considerations


film strip and woman with camera

Now that you’ve dealt with the technical side of wedding animation video creation, it’s time to examine placement, composition and aesthetic rules.

It’s a good idea to start with an animated title that mentions the name of the bride and the groom, the wedding date and venue. A still picture from the wedding itself can be used as the background or you could display solely the title that fades into the opening of the ceremony, for example.

If you have a background image, refrain from using elaborate fonts. There will be too many elements fighting for attention. The frame will lack focus and the text may be difficult to read. You should also be cautious with the application of animated effects. A text that’s too sparkly, distorted or moving rapidly will be virtually impossible to read (not to mention the fact that it will potentially look quite tacky).

You should also think in terms of colour selection.

In the case of a black and white background, you can have coloured animated titles that will stand out. Whenever the titles are incorporated in the footage itself, however, you’ll need to pick tones that either complement or contrast the picture nicely.


Fun Things to Do with Video Titles


You can do a wide range of fun thing with animated video titles. Sky is the limit but make sure that the bride and groom are aware of the wedding video post production approach and are comfortable with it.

Animated titles can be used to transition from one part of the wedding to the other. You can easily create different chapters that break the footage into smaller sections. In this case, a fairytale style animated effect will be a good choice.

End credits are also a standard choice for wedding animation video.

In the end credits, you can feature the family tree of the bride and the groom, the guest list and any other information that will contribute to a better video. These credits could be rolling or fading – standard effects that are readily available with editing programs that have a built-in titling option.


Remember That Less Is Usually More


Those who don’t have a lot of wedding video editing experience tend to go overboard with the effects.

A simple rule to follow when creating animations is that less will usually be more.

You don’t need big, bright letters jumping around to make an impression. Instead, let the footage shine and enhance is delicately through the selection of an elegant font and simple lettering. The animation effect itself doesn’t have to be exaggerated either.

The aim of animated titles is to provide a bit on top of the footage rather than overshadow it. It’s always a good idea to edit the finished product one last time and potentially take away an element or two.

When in doubt, review the concept you have in mind with the married couple. Make sure you have a good grasp of the theme and the video style they’re opting for. Outsourcing wedding video post-production is another good way to save time and to produce the best possible outcome (without having to spend long hours on attempting to master special video effects).

Hope that helps with creating animated titles for wedding videos. If it’s still all new for you, you can hire someone to create your logo and maybe 1 – 2 animated intros / outros.


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