New technologies provide wonderful marketing opportunities you can employ as a wedding videographer. Since the nature of you work is visual, you should pay special attention to social channels that allow for image and video advertising.

YouTube is the one that you should focus your efforts on the most. Did you know that YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly active users? Over 90 percent of American internet users aged 18 to 44 report watching YouTube videos.

YouTube is available in over 91 countries, making it possible for marketers to reach just about any demographic. Presenting your work on the most prominent video social media necessitates a strategic approach. Building your channel and reaching the right audience are both dependent on knowing what you’re doing, understanding your marketing goal and the needs of the audience that you’re trying to reach.


Highlight Your Best Work


The aim of the YouTube channel you’ll put together is to give potential customers a glimpse into your world, into the creativity of the wedding videographer who witnesses and interprets special moments for clients. As a wedding videographer, you specialize in certain types of shoots. You may be especially strong in wedding videography, creative storytelling or destination weddings.

Hence, you want to start a channel with the best that you’ve achieved for clients so far. Visual consistency is of paramount importance. Choosing videos that highlight your style will give potential customers a good idea about what they could anticipate if they decide to work with you.


Learn a Bit about YouTube Optimization


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You have quality work to upload, it’s now time to make sure that people will be capable of finding your channel. For the purpose, you have to choose the right keywords and texts for your wedding titles and descriptions.

YouTube works pretty much like a major video search engine. People type certain words in the search box to find the videos that they’re interested in. As a wedding videographer, you have to identify industry-relevant phrases to target in order to reach people looking for such services.

Video descriptions and tags give you a chance to tell people what the video is all about. You can feature keywords like wedding videography, beach wedding, destination wedding, vintage wedding photoshoot, etc. to tell the audience what you do.

It’s very important, however, for the descriptions to be informative and to flow naturally. Don’t fill them up with keywords, especially if these have little to do with the content. Such practices are known as keyword stuffing and they could cause problems.


Have a Call to Action


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Once people see your videos, you’d want them to do something. Don’t leave them guessing, include a call to action in the video description. The call to action is dependent on the marketing outcome you’re hoping for. You could include a link to your corporate website or your Facebook.

You could feature your phone number that people should use for bookings or inquiries. It’s a good idea to even feature a discount coupon for first-time clients (such combinations of more than one advertising technique are bound to deliver good results when employed in a clever manner). There are various other CTAs you could also focus on.

Some of these could even be featured in the video itself. Remind people to subscribe to your channel if they’d like to learn a bit more about the work you do. Provide your branded hashtags or other social media profile identities. Keep it limited to one CTA per video for best results. You don’t want to seem too demanding when addressing your audience directly and prompting them to do something.


Going Viral Is Great but Don’t Force It


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The biggest strength of YouTube advertising is that your videos have the potential to go viral. Many wedding videographers want to go viral so hard that they attempt to accomplish the goal through uploading videos that have viral potential.

Forcing the viral sharing of videos, however, would not work. You may think that your audience is interested in one thing but you’ll eventually find out that completely different types of videos yield the best results. Viral videos are usually unique.

They’re bold, they may be silly, they break the rules and they explore perspectives that were previously unaddressed. It’s very difficult to come up with a viral formula that will deliver good results every single time. When you churn out a lot of content for the sole purpose of viral reach, you’ll lose the soul and the authenticity of your channel.

Rather, stick to the clips that are defining for your line of work, advertise your videos through other social media and your audience could eventually pick up the task of sharing further.


The Importance of Video Thumbnails


One final element we’d like to discuss today is the importance of a high quality video thumbnail. The thumbnail is the screengrab or video illustration that people see with the results of their search. Good video thumbnails are custom made. If you just opt for screengrabs, chances are that the thumbnail isn’t going to be 100 percent representative of the video’s message.

Your YouTube video thumbnails could feature images, texts and even cartoons. It’s up to you to decide which direction is the right one. Once you choose an approach, however, it’s a good idea to stick to it for the creation of other thumbnails. Consistency is once again essential to give your overall channel visual appeal.


YouTube Marketing for Wedding Videographers: Final Verdict


Understand the fact that the audience and the viewership of your YouTube channel will change over time. YouTube provides analytics and data about the performance of each video, the audience demographics and engagement levels.

Use this information to enhance your advertising strategy even further and to reach the right crowd. It’s also a good idea to go through the video comments. Sometimes, people will leave questions there. Others will have suggestions for content enhancement. Do engage with these individuals and respond promptly.

The more connected and approachable you are, the easier it will become for you to turn YouTube viewers into actual customers.


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