The first film came into existence in 1888. Ever since, the world of videography has undergone a massive transformation. Technology isn’t the only thing that has changed – styles and artistic approaches have also gone through a huge modernization.

The world of wedding videography has also seen its evolution over the decades. From styles to scenarios and wedding video editing, the films that couples want today are quite different from how marriage ceremonies were documented in the past.




High quality videography equipment is readily accessible today. Even amateurs can come up with decent videos, especially if they rely on the wedding video editing service. The analog electronic camera came into existence in the 1980s. It is deemed the predecessor of the digital camera. The first true digital camera as we know it today came on the market in 1988.

This piece of videography equipment, however, was incredibly expensive and the quality of the shots produced wasn’t superb. Before the appearance of the digital camera, wedding videography was an even more challenging affair. The outcome wasn’t always great and here’s just one example from the 1960s:



Anyone can buy a decent camera today. Mass production and the ever-expanding storage capacity of computers and cloud-based platforms have both enabled the creation of bigger, more detailed and crystal clear video files.


A Style Shift


New technology and readily accessible wedding video post production equipment / software aren’t the only things that changed. Styles and themes change very fast. The wedding videos that used to be very hot a decade ago are no longer in demand. Over the past few years, wedding videographers have seen a huge shift towards documentary-style wedding video creation.

These videos look more natural, relaxed and casual than the highly staged shoots of the past. The aim of the videographer isn’t to direct; it is to capture those little candid moments that make the wedding day special. The technological shift to smaller, more compact cameras has made this possible. It’s easy for the videographer to follow the couple around and capture everything without being an annoying presence.

In addition, digital has eliminated the need for using film. Hence, videographers can capture a lot of content and create hours of footage. From it, they’ll select the best shots and add those to the clip. There’s no need to conserve film and capture only a specified set of moments. A videographer will shoot the entire day from start to finish.


Technology from the Future


DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Onyx Black Drone

The camera isn’t the only thing that has changed in the world of wedding videography. Various other types of equipment and tech solutions can give the couple a futuristic, interesting and unusual take.

Drone videography is becoming increasingly hot because of the ready availability of quadcopters and the fact that they capture the special day from a completely different angle. In addition, wedding videographers can enhance their work through the use of innovative tech like virtual reality.

Three-dimensional films are also effortless to create if this is the couple’s desire. Even if they don’t want to have their entire wedding shot in 3D, a few clips can be added to the video in order to give some diversity and a nice added bonus.


Innovative Wedding Video Post Production


A lot of the work on modern wedding video creation is done after the footage creation finishes. The software used for wedding video post production today has incredible capabilities. It allows smooth transitions from shot to shot. It simplifies the creation of animation, sub-titles, separate chapters and even effects that give the film a fairytale-like feel.

What matters here is for the editing team to refrain from overdoing it. Wedding video post production solutions are stacked with tools and filters. If an editing team doesn’t know where to stop, however, they risk making the final outcome way too gimmicky.


Live Streaming


Iphone 8 filming bride and groom dancing

Even if some guests cannot attend the special day, new wedding videography trends simplify the process of getting them to witness the event “virtually.” Live streaming channels and technologies enable just about anyone to go live and to broadcast across the globe.

It’s become customary for many couples to have their wedding videos streamed live over a wedding website or a social media channel like Periscope. This trend adds a fun interactive element to the event.

The choice is wonderful from couples who may be from very different parts of the country or even the world. In such instances, some loved individuals will find it difficult to attend. A live video stream will make them feel much closer to the celebration.

These are just a few of the ways in which wedding videography has changed over the years but they’re not the only ones. New technologies make wedding videography more widely available and hence – more affordable.

In the past, having a videographer at one’s wedding used to be a luxury that many could not afford. Today, the situation is completely different. Wedding video is a complete must for those who want to have all of the special memories captured.

Luckily, there are dozens of service providers and the couple can pick the professional that has the best style and that offers the most competitive pricing option, Numerous wedding video packages have become available, allowing couples to pick and choose what makes them happy. Solutions are tailor-made to address the needs of different clients, which allows for a lot of personalization.


The Future of Wedding Videography?


What is wedding video going to be in the future? We’ll have to wait and see. Chances are that new technologies will continue evolving and becoming readily available. Augmented reality, 3D projections and even robotic wedding videography – all of these could become a fact in the very near future.

What matters the most is that people can have the wedding video of their dreams. There are very few limits as to what wedding videographers cannot do today. A videographer with some good equipment can make the wishes of their client come true (easily!).


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