Is there any social network that’s better suited for marketing your wedding photography or videography than Instagram? Not only is it 100 percent visual, Instagram also makes it very easy to reach a targeted audience and guarantee conversions.

If you’re wondering whether you need to start Instagram marketing, here are some cool figures we have done in collaboration with Agan Media.

Most of the Instagram users fall in the 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 age groups. Needless to say, these are the demographics predominantly being targeted by wedding photographers and videographers.

Currently, Instagram has over a billion active monthly users. Also, Instagram ranks as the most popular social network for following brands, outperforming giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Ninety percent of people on Instagram follow at least one brand and 70 percent of people turn to Instagram for product and service suggestions.

These are amazing figures you simply can’t ignore. To make the most of Instagram marketing, however, you need to be strategic about it. Sporadic posts every once in a while wouldn’t cut it. So, we’ve put together an Instagram marketing guide to take you through some of the key steps for promotional success.


Instagram Marketing for Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Post Curation Basics


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Ok, so you’ll obviously be uploading publications featuring your work.

To impress your audience, however, you have to choose the right portfolio entries to highlight.

Instagrammable photos and videos should either be niche or they should have broad appeal. What matters here is creating a stylistic digital book that displays your work cohesively.

For example, if you start out with black and white photography, that’s what you may want to consider uploading all the time. Not only will such a decision make your profile look super cool, it will also up the aesthetics of your presentation.

You don’t have to upload everything to make a statement.

Also, you don’t have to post just samples of your work (more about that – later). An Instagram profile isn’t your portfolio. It’s an opportunity to present your brand and business in a meaningful way. For the purpose, you need publications that make a definitive statement.


Publish More Than Just Your Work


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As a professional photographer or videographer, you probably have a website already. Needless to say, it features a portfolio section that presents all of your work.

This is the reason why you should refrain from turning an Instagram profile into a second portfolio.

Obviously, you’ll be presenting some of your best work via the social network. Adding a bit more than just professional pictures or clips, however, gives your audience a behind the scenes peek. That’s something most people would be curious about.

What are some good publication ideas? Here are a few:

  • Add some snaps of yourself at work
  • Show what goes into the preparation of a photo or a video shoot
  • Interview a few of your clients and tell their stories in a very casual way
  • A few funny shots, blunders or crazy party pics
  • What would you want people to know about you as a professional? That’s the question you need to be asking yourself when choosing Instagram posts.

It’s very easy to experiment with different kinds of publications.

The best aspect of testing out new ideas is that you’ll be getting almost immediate feedback. The posts that get the most engagements (likes, comments, DMs) are the ones that get your audience the most excited. Obviously, these are the ones to focus on and use for the bulk of your Instagram presence.


Harness the Power of Hashtags


What’s the one thing that makes Instagram posting unique? Hashtags! If you’re not using those correctly, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to connect with the right audience.

Instagram hashtags help you optimize your publications and make them discoverable. Some hashtags are quite popular, even trending. These are the ones you’d like to target, as long as they’re relevant to the subject matter of your publication.

Choosing the best hashtags isn’t that easy if you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing. Eventually, you’ll get the intricacies.

To pick correctly, you may want to check out what other photographers and videographers are doing. Pay attention to the hashtags that’s being used most in the industry. These are the ones that will probably yield best results for your business.

Social media tools are also available to help you choose.

All Hashtag is a fairly popular choice. The Influencer Marketing Hub hashtag tool is also cool and it’s available free of charge.

Try out some really popular hashtags and a few more niche labels. Both of these can help you attract a relevant audience to your profile. In time, you’ll have your own hashtag library that you’ll be confident with using with your samples & work.


Try Stories and Reels


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Regular Instagram posts will form the bulk of your online presence but consider using stories and reels, as well.

Instagram stories, according to official Instagram stats, tend to be more popular among brand followers than regular posts. Stories provide a fun format, they’re more casual than regular posts and they encourage experimentation with topics and ways to express yourself.

Featuring some behind the scenes footage, for example, would make for a really fun Instagram story. You can easily put together a “day in the life of” kind of post that can be very, very engaging.

Through stories, you can also encourage your audience for feedback provision. Publishing polls, asking questions or letting your audience to submit inquiries can result in some really interactive publications that will drive excellent engagement.

Instagram reels are short, creative videos (somewhat inspired by what TikTok makes possible). They’re great for wedding videographers and once again – for the publication of casual content.

Like stories, reels tend to have higher engagement than regular posts. To make reel videos exciting, however, don’t just publish a clip like a reel. Think about it, employ the editing tools and filters the social media provides. Such an approach can help you connect with a younger audience if that’s your goal.


Follow People and Tag Your Clients


An Instagram presence isn’t just about your posts.

As other similar platforms, this is a social network. The social aspect is just as important as what you decide to upload.

A well-developed Instagram profile needs followers. Also, you should be following the right people. The more you grow your network, the more influential in the digital realm you’re going to become.

It’s easy to start out by following some big influencers in your niche. Following some of your clients, even tagging them in pictures can also be an exceptionally beneficial marketing strategy. By doing so, you’ll be reaching members of their network. Eventually, some of these people could start following and they may even get in touch with you when looking for photography/videography services.

Growing your network is an ongoing project, just like curating content is.

Be selective about the profiles you follow.

Eventually, consider partnerships and reaching out to others in order to engage in cross-promotion. When doing so, focus on quality and your audience. Make sure that the partnerships you plan will be beneficial and relevant to your followers.


Have Fun!


Here’s the final rule that’s so very important for the establishment of successful Instagram presence.

Being strategic is obviously important. This is a huge advertising opportunity. You should be professional, consistent and focused when employing it.

Instagram, however, has a really youthful and joyful energy. Taking it too seriously will deprive your profile of some lightness.

It’s important to have fun when posting and when interacting with others.

Be passionate about your work and everything about it that you share with your audience. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have a laugh every once in a while. Let your work speak for itself when it comes to quality.

Other pots should be a lot more personal and really close to your heart. If you feel some sort of way when publishing, chances are that your audience will also be touched emotionally.


Instagram Marketing for Wedding Photographers and Videographers Provides Opportunities You Need


Organic Instagram marketing for photographers and videographers doesn’t cost anything but your time and creative ideas. As a creative professional, you probably have some of those already.

If you’re not using Instagram, you’re missing on a huge chance to make your digital presence all-encompassing. Facebook and YouTube are definitely important. But if you have yet another channel to count on, why would you ignore it?

Give Instagram a try and expand your presence as you go. In time, you’ll see what works well and helps you acquire followers. Such experience can be invaluable for successful digital promotion.

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