As someone working in a very creative field, you know that inspiration is crucial.

Still, feeling inspired isn’t always possible.

While working for some clients will definitely get those creative juices flowing, other projects may seem a lot more cumbersome and mundane.

Is it possible to boost inspiration, even when you’re not feeling a certain job?

The following videography and wedding photography tips may come in handy, especially if you believe that you’ve lost some of your spark lately.


Attend Workshops


It’s always a good idea to check what others are doing and find inspiration in the work of your peers.

A mentorship or a workshop can provide amazing opportunities to acquaint yourself with new styles, skills and ideas.

No matter how experienced you are, a wedding photography or videography workshop can do miracles to renew your passion and make you feel inspired like in the beginning of your career.


Plus, there’s always something new to learn or a way to do things better.

Is there a particular style that you’ve always wanted to explore? Or maybe you’re a fan of a certain professional and would like to know a bit more about the secret behind their success?

These are both valid reasons to join a workshop and experience something new in your field.

Apart from choosing digital learning opportunities, consider good old-fashioned in-person workshops.

Not only are these a super fun chance to expand your skillset, they also make it possible to get to know other photographers and videographers.

Exchanging ideas is sometimes all it takes to start feeling inspired once again.


Videography and Wedding Photography Tips: Upgrade Your Equipment


You’ll definitely feel inspired to try something new and give it your best if you’re in the possession of some brand new gear.

High quality professional equipment encourages experimentation with new styles and opportunities that you didn’t have access to before.

Take a look at what you’re currently working with. When was the last time you invested in a brand new piece of equipment like a camera, some lights, filters or lenses?

If you’ve spent too much time working with the same pieces, they already feel habitual. That’s one of the reasons why you may be lacking the urge to get creative.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive gear in order to discover inspiration.

Something as simple as a brand new camera filter can provide so many new opportunities and enable the execution of techniques that you’ve always wanted to have some fun with.


Be Selective about the Clients You Work with


bride and groom with umbrella

This is probably one of the most valuable and powerful wedding photography tips to employ if you want to feel inspired during every single project.

Sometimes, the situation is going to be tough financially. When you’re experiencing such a period, you’ll feel compelled to take on any project that comes your way. This isn’t necessarily the best course of action.

Try to curate the clients that you work with, especially if you want to deliver outstanding work that will help you build your brand.

As a photographer or videographer, you have your own style and strengths. It’s best to choose clients who want their project to be executed within the particular field that you consider yourself an expert in.

Curating your clients to take on solely projects that you feel passionate about will definitely have an impact on your reputation and the quality of your portfolio. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is.

Even if you’re just getting started, you can still be selective. By setting the right prices, you will have freedom to take on fewer projects and enjoy every single one of them.


Try Collaborating with Another Wedding Photographer or Videographer


bride & groom dancing on beach

As already mentioned, you can easily boost your creativity by finding inspiration in the work of others. Apart from trying workshops, you can also consider business partnerships to shake things up.

Having a second photographer or videographer attending the wedding with you is a good idea. It’s the perfect choice for larger projects that involve more work and capturing the day in its entirety.

By partnering up with someone else, you’ll be giving your client the perfect result while also enjoying the chance to see the way another professional approaches the task at hand.

Another photographer or videographer is never going to have a viewpoint identical to yours. That’s the beauty of teaming up. While you may have some creative disputes along the way, these are only going to enhance the end result.

Both of you will learn something from the experience. As a bonus, you’ll potentially end up with a reliable business partnership that will continue delivering benefits in the long run.


Experiment with New Shooting Techniques and Ideas


Sometimes, you’ll intentionally have to push yourself in order to invite creativity.

A few excellent videography and wedding photography tips aimed at creativity focus on your perspective. By changing the way you shoot, you can easily find the inspiration to go above and beyond client expectations.

Changing the way you shoot could mean getting some new gear. Alternatively, it can refer to your actual positioning when you’re shooting.

Getting down on the ground or standing up on a chair/table can quickly change things. When you feel that something’s missing, experiment with your physical position.

You will be capable of producing much more exciting footage/shots this way.

To change things up, you can also try props and objects that wouldn’t be typically a part of your repertoire. Play with the surroundings and make the venue a part of the shot.

Such an approach will deliver a level of uniqueness and authenticity you wouldn’t be capable of giving the client otherwise.


Pro Wedding Photography Tips: Get Involved in Side Projects


bride and groom at the alter

Being a wedding photographer or videographer can get tiring after some time. Many of the events will appear similar.

Even when you try to discover something unique and inspiring about an upcoming project, you will probably fail doing so every once in a while.

Trying a side project is a great way to rediscover your inspiration when things at work start getting repetitive.

Try another style of photography or videography. Join a contest that will push your creative limits and force you to do something completely out of your comfort zone.

Go on a weekend trip and use that opportunity to create a bit of art. There will be no rules and no client expectations when you take on such a gig.

The freedom to do things your way will give you an excellent reminder about why you fell in love with photography or videography in the first place.

The end result of such experiments doesn’t have to be impressive.

These are personal projects you take on for pleasure. If you like the results, you can always add them to your portfolio or consider opportunities to benefit from some monetization.


Brush Up on Your Editing and Post-Production Skills


Creativity doesn’t just hide in the process of shooting itself. You can really take things up a notch once the post-production stage begins.

Brushing up on your editing skills is an excellent idea if you want to become a better photographer or videographer.

Inspired editing can elevate images and take a mundane piece of work to a whole new level. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it with special effects and filters.

By making a few strategic and conscious choices, however, you can create magic. Start out with an initial concept and plan the shoot to give yourself enough raw material to work with.

When you have these two elements in place, you can really harness the power of post-production tools.

Partnering up with professionals during this stage of project execution is another good idea. By choosing niche experts, you will execute the idea precisely the way you envisioned it.

You’ll also be free from having to acquire expensive post-production software that you don’t feel fully comfortable working with.


Videography and Wedding Photography Tips: Learn from the Power of Improv


Improvisation theater has one main rule – always agree and say yes.

You can use that rule to bring more creativity into your work.

Is a client asking for a certain execution that’s not really your cup of tea? The initial urge would be to say no.

That’s what most photographers and videographers will do because the approach makes sense from a business perspective.

Every once in a while, however, saying yes to a task that you’re not too comfortable with can bring on amazing results. A challenge is the one thing that will get you thinking about the execution.

Conceptualizing the project in your head will ultimately result in a more inspired shoot.

Don’t be afraid of a brand new opportunity or something that appears a bit odd at first. Be positive in your approach towards project selection and dare to accept a challenge every once in a while.

Such an approach isn’t going to be a good regular business practice but every once in a while, it can definitely give you a fresh perspective and something fun to tackle.

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