Nothing is scarier than an angry bride. Every detail of the day must be perfect or may the bridezilla have mercy on your soul. The Wedding Video is especially important. The wedding video must LOOK perfect even if the day wasn’t.


Good videography is important!


Generally, a videographer wants to prevent a need to correct video in post by pre-planning her lighting and camera setting. The best an editor can hope for is the videographer captures great footage. There’s only so much an editor can do to salvage poorly captured footage.


I was given grainy footage. How do I fix it?


There are several great plug-ins available for purchase such as Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser III and Neat Video. For weddings, I’ve found I don’t need to spend the extra cash on a plug-in if I use my Adobe Creative Cloud products.



  1. Open Adobe Premiere and add your video clip to a sequence.
  2. Right-click and select Replace with After Effects Composition.
  3. Adobe After Effects will open and automatically create a new composition. The clip will already in the timeline with the name matching the original clip.
  4. Select the Effects & Presets dropdown menu on the right side of the screen.
  5. Enter “grain” into the search line. An effect titled Remove Grain will appear as one of the options found in the search query.



A little square will pop up in the middle of the frame. This square is a preview of what the effect will look like when applied to the shot.



The image below is zoomed in to better show the smoothing effect on the groom’s face. The graininess has been reduced, but so has some of the detail such has his stubble line. In reality, this specific shot is not close up so the effect will not create blurry shot that appears here, but a very subtle, smoother look.



Open the effects controls located on the left side of the screen. Change the frame control from preview to final output to apply the effect.


Want more control of your effect?


While the Effects Control is visible, there are drop downs for different settings such as fine tuning, filtering, etc. Use these settings to better fine tune the effect to achieve the desired look. For weddings, there most likely will not be a need fine tune much, if at all. The preset effect itself should create the look you desire.



The before and after examples below are zoomed in to better view the change the effect creates. If you cannot see it, focus on looking the couples’ skin to better see the grain/noise reduction. The visual changes will always be very subtle, but will give your video a cleaner look.



I find the coolest part of using After Effects is when I go back to my project on Premiere, the clip will already be adjusted and synced up for me.

If I decide to go back and tweak the effect on the clip, I simply open up After Effects and make my adjustments. In Premiere, my composition inside the sequence will auto update in real time.


De-noise/grain removal is not very complicated. You can buy a plug in such as Denoiser III or Neat Video for a quick and easy fix to your grainy, noisy footage. However, for a wedding, if you already use Adobe CC, you can save your money and apply the Remove Grain effect to your clip in After Effects.

A small amount of detail may be lost in the shot after applying a de-noising effect. However, it creates a soft look for a wedding that appeals to so many couples watching their memories of their precious day.

If your client-couple desires a sharper look, tweak the settings and try to balance between smoothing the grain and keeping the detail. There is no set standard. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

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