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Engagement shoots are such a fun way to prepare for the big day but how much do they cost?

Engagement video cost depends on several factors. Each videographer determines pricing policies on the basis of their experience, demand and the amount of work that will have to be done. Usually, clients can choose between several packages that include specific services.

If you really want to have an engagement video shoot, you’ll have to factor in the cost. Here are some pointers and important things to consider in other to make accurate calculations.


Factors That Determine Engagement Video Cost



A universal formula for the calculation of engagement video cost does not exist. If you research a couple of videographers, you’ll find out that the packages are very different from each other.

Several factors will play the biggest role in determining the price you’ll have to pay for an engagement video. The most important ones include:

  • The experience and reputation of the wedding videographer
  • Duration of the engagement video shoot (usually measured in number of hours)
  • Whether some travel will be involved (going to a specific location or to several locations away from where a videographer works)
  • The number of videographers who’ll be attending the shoot
  • Use of additional equipment like a drone, for example
  • Post-production work complexity
  • The type of outcome that the client is looking for (length of the final video, quality, if it would be used for web streaming, etc.)

There could be some additional factors. Each professional has the freedom to choose their own price, which is why you need to do your homework in advance.

Usually, the websites of wedding videographers provide enough information about engagement video costs and packages. Do request a custom quote after meeting with a videographer you’re interested in working with.

When calculating the cost, do look at it from a broader perspective. If you plan to have the same person shooting your engagement and your wedding, you’ll need to examine the associated expenses as a package.

This means that someone who offers you an inexpensive engagement video shoot isn’t necessarily giving you the most cost-effective option. Chances are that the cost of the wedding shoot would be higher, which is why you need to examine the two services alongside each other.


What to Look for in an Engagement Video Package


engagement shoot

Very often, videographers will include the engagement video in the overall package for the wedding.

In some instances, however, videographers give their clients a chance to pick and choose the services they want to get. This approach makes the engagement video package separate.

To determine if the package meets your needs, you have to look at several things on top of the price.

Here’s what you should look for in an engagement video package:

  • The length of the engagement video you’ll get and the hours of filming + the number of videographers
  • Number of location shoots included in the engagement session
  • Format and what kind of carrier you’ll get the video on (a digital transfer, flash drive, a carrier like a DVD, etc.)
  • Availability of HD or 4K film creation
  • Raw footage (do decide if this is a service you’ll be interested in)
  • Could pictures be captured from the video or does the videographer also provide simultaneous photography services
  • Number of copies you’ll receive and if extra copies are going to cost you more

Again – this is a general list and you’ll probably come across some variations when looking at packages.

Decide what’s important to you before commencing the research.

Some videographers offer straightforward clips that are very short. In other instances, the videographer will adopt a storytelling approach that is more intricate. In essence, it will show how the love between two people blossomed.

Look at engagement videos and check out portfolios to get a better idea about what you’re looking for. This kind of research will also give you more clarity about the style of wedding video you’d want later on.


So, What’s the Average Engagement Video Cost?


proposal photo

The information n provided in the guide so far gives you general pointers.

But you’re probably here for the actual numbers.

If you’ve done a bit of research already, you probably know that very few videographers provide concrete information about engagement video costs.

There are several reasons why. Often, couples refrain from getting an engagement video and they opt solely for an engagement photo shoot. Sometimes, the engagement video is included in the overall package that also includes the price of the wedding video.

Still, knowing how much engagement clips cost on their own will simplify the task of calculating, examining offers in the context of your budget and choosing the best one.

Currently, an engagement story of about 10 minutes is going to cost you an average of 500 dollars. In some instances, videographers would go down to about 300 dollars but the length of the session in such instances would be limited to one hour.

A combo package for an engagement and a wedding video will give you a better price than paying separately for each of the services. Thus, if you like the style and the approach of a videographer, discuss a package offer.

Once you get the quote, you’ll have a much better idea about the overall cost of ensuring the video coverage of your special day.


Ways to Reduce the Cost of Engagement Videography


engagement photo

If the sums quoted above seem too high but you’d still like to get a nice engagement video shoot, there will be a few possibilities for bringing down expenses.

Hiring a local, fairly young professional is a really good idea.

Videographers who are just building their career will charge less than well-established professionals. They’ll often compensate for the lack of experience with enthusiasm and creativity.

All of this means you can get a beautiful shoot at a fraction of what it would usually cost.

Package deals provide another good opportunity to reduce expenses.

Find one professional to create all of your wedding videos. Working with someone who offers wedding photography, as well, can result in even bigger discounts.

If you really like the style of a certain professional, don’t hesitate to explore such collaboration possibilities.


A Few More Cost Reduction Options


engagement photo soldier

A few other things you can do to bring down the engagement video cost include:

  • Book your videographer as early as possible (the earlier you book, the bigger discount you’ll get)
  • Schedule an off-season wedding (all expenditures and charges linked to your wedding will be reduced this way)
  • Talk to videographers about your budget and ask for a customized solution. Many professionals will be willing to put together a tailored package that matches your needs
  • Get rid of the extras and choose solely the bare necessities
  • Seek a referral from your wedding planner or another professional involved in the event. Many wedding professionals have referral programs that give clients access to discounts for an array of services

Employing these techniques will give you a good chance to reduce the cost of your engagement and wedding videos.

We don’t recommend getting a friend or a relative for the job.

Engagement video shoots are more casual and relaxed than wedding video shoots. Still, the experience and background of the cameraman matter. Unless you have a creative professional in your entourage, opt for a professional solution.

You’re not going to regret the money spent on creating special day memories.


Remember the Essentials: You’re in Charge


engagement photo

As you can see, engagement video costs can differ significantly.

It’s really up to you to decide how much you want to spend and find a professional working within the respective budget niche.

Just because the first videographer you talk to quotes a certain sum doesn’t mean you should settle for it.

Always research and get multiple offers before making up your money. Not only will you get serious price differences this way, you can also acquaint yourself with the major discrepancies in packages.

in some instances, a costlier offer will give you more. As a result, you will benefit from a much better price to quality ratio.

A final recommendation we have for you is to think about quality and not just money.

The cheapest offer out there isn’t necessarily the one that will make you happy. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more on your engagement and wedding videos.

Otherwise, you may end up with clips that you dislike or that simply are not shot professionally enough.

Engagement videos are a nice little perk you can get to commemorate the journey towards getting married.

If you feel that you want such a shoot, do seek out possibilities. You will come across at least a few offers that are close to your budget range and that will give you wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


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Professional Videographer. I am in love with romantic fairytales and wedding video storytelling.

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