Expanding your knowledge base will make you a more competitive photography professional. One of the best ways to explore such learning opportunities involves enrolling in an online wedding photography course.

There is a lot of wedding photography courses in different qualities and levels. There are free of charge learning opportunities, as well as more advanced programs that you’ll need to invest in. Spending some money on your professional qualifications is definitely worth it. Acquiring new photography skills will allow the expansion of your portfolio and the potential increase of fees.

Each wedding photography course comes with its strengths and weaknesses. You need to be discerning when picking the right programs to join.

If you need some assistance to get started, the following list will present some of the most reliable online courses for wedding photographers. We chose these programs due to the excellent price to quality ratio they offer.


Online Wedding Photography Courses: What to Look for


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Before exploring some of the best wedding photography courses out there, it’s important to examine the right selection criteria for educational materials.

Doing a simple online search will reveal dozens of choices. How do you choose one photography course over the other, especially when you have to spend money on it?

First and foremost, check out who crafted the course or who’s the instructor. The best courses are developed by reputable institutions and professionals in the field of photography who have decades of experience. It’s very easy for just about anyone to create digital courses in today’s world. Many of these programs, however, are going to have subpar quality at best.

The next element to focus on is the curriculum.

Topics that a course will cover, practical exercises and other essentials need to be outlined in advance. A good curriculum will give you a pretty accurate idea about the specific knowledge you’ll acquire through the course.

Finally, check the cost of the program. The cheapest learning opportunities out there aren’t always the most budget-friendly ones. Rather, the course should give you knowledge and new skills you can monetize easily. This way, the learning opportunity will ensure an excellent return on investment.

Here are a few examples of online wedding photography courses that tick all the boxes.


The New York Institute of Photography Online Course



The New York Institute of Photography is a reputable and well-known organization within the industry. Luckily, it has developed a specialized online wedding photography course anyone can enroll in.

While the course is on the costlier side, you benefit from a 14-day money-back guarantee and a current discounted price. Occasionally, the institute announces discounts that may be worth checking out periodically.

Once a student completes the online wedding photography course, they’ll become eligible for Professional Photographer of America (PPA) certification.

Now, let’s examine a couple of the more interesting course aspects.

The course consists of four units that take you from the basics of photography to wedding trends, posing essentials, ethnic and cultural diversity consideration and marketing/branding for wedding photography professionals.

The course is best suited to the needs of young professionals making their first steps in the professional field.

There are three mentors in the program and students will work in close collaboration with at least one of them. A final really cool aspect of the course is that it includes a number of practical assignments and projects that need to be completed before the end of the program.


Institute of Photography Online Programs



The Institute of Photography is a UK educational institution that creates specialized materials and learning opportunities in the field of photography.

Two wedding photography courses are available under the IOP portfolio.

You can opt for a Diploma in Wedding Photography program or and Advanced Diploma in Wedding Photography. Obviously, the two courses correspond to specific experience levels and are tailored to the professional experience a photography already has.

The Diploma in Wedding Photography online course consists of 130 modules, seven assignments and one final project. In addition, students will have to pass 23 tests and they’ll also enjoy a couple of private chat sessions with a mentor.

Time to complete the course is unlimited. Passing all exams and submitting a successful final project will result in an IOP diploma and a CPD diploma in wedding photography.

If you choose Advanced Diploma in Wedding Photography, you’ll have to complete a bespoke coaching curriculum. This program is intended for the needs of professionals who already have some experience and who are looking for opportunities to acquire additional knowledge.


Photography Branding Course

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Anyone who’s more interested in the business side of things will benefit from a photography branding course.

Udemy has a number of such online courses but the one linked above probably maintains the best rating.

The course is advertised as an intermediate learning opportunity for people who already have some experience with the business side of things.

It covers essentials like establishing a loyal clientele, building a solid photography business plan and utilizing digital channels for marketing and brand establishment.

By far, this is the most affordable learning opportunity in the list but it’s definitely worth a try. If you believe you need to work on improving the business side of things, this is the online wedding photography course for you.


Wedding Photography Marketing Lessons


Building a successful business will also involve lots and lots of marketing.

A good marketing strategy today is much easier to carry out than ever before. To make it happen, however, you still need some knowledge of different approaches and how to use those.

Various wedding photography marketing courses exist, most of them focusing on digital platforms.

The Marketing Your Photography Business course is a solid, comprehensive choice. It is created by a reputable and well-known photographer who actually has business school education. These two elements work perfectly well together for the creation of extensive educational materials for photographers.

The course consists of 24 lessons that focus on interesting topics like the psychology of sale, brand awareness, blogging, search engine optimization, social media marketing, portfolio establishment and many others.

Currently, the photography marketing course is being offered at a discounted price – something you may want to enjoy while the promo lasts.


A Few Additional Online Wedding Photography Courses on the Business Side of Things


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If the business side of things is the one you’re interested in the most, you’ll definitely enjoy the following selection of online courses.

The wedding photography referral generation course will teach you how to encourage word of mouth promotion. Word of mouth promotion is one of the best forms of marketing. People trust the referrals of others – a fact that can ensure repeat business if you learn how to make the most of it.

Photography pricing mastery is another interesting learning opportunity. Setting the right prices isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just starting your career.  The course will look at creating good packages for your clients, encouraging add-on sales, determining when to increase prices and building strategies to ensure higher sales volumes.


Some Free Courses Worth Checking Out


Sometimes, you simply wouldn’t have the cash required to enroll in a high quality wedding photography course.

Luckily, free of charge possibilities exist and some of them are worth dedicating a bit of time on.

This professional family portraits course could teach you some interesting new skills to apply towards your wedding photography career.

Alison.com offers a number of free digital photography courses that range from learning opportunities for beginners to more advanced photography programs. The Lynda.com course library gives you an equally good selection of learning opportunities accessible for free.

The Cambridge in Colour lesson library focuses on some of the more technical aspects of being a photographer. You’ll find tutorials on topics like camera metering, understanding lenses, dealing with image noise, diffraction, hyperfocal distance, photo editing and many others.

Finally, we need to mention the online lessons that a couple of major brands have created for free.

Nikon School Online brags an excellent selection of educational resources for both professional and amateur photographers. Canon Live is a similar possibility. In that case, online events and course programs are announced periodically. You need to check the Canon Live homepage every once in a while to find out about new possibilities. Don’t forget to visit Leica Akademie for a few additional professional tips and learning opportunities.


Every Learning Opportunity Matters!


Many wedding photographers have experienced professional slowdowns due to seasonal specifics, the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial slowdown that has resulted from it.

Such times of slow business shouldn’t discourage you from investing in your career. After all, things will go back to normal sooner or later.

Professional slowdowns provide amazing opportunities to work on yourself and build your skill set.

Don’t underestimate the power of online wedding photography courses. Investing in your know-how is the best long-term professional venture. Staying competitive in the field isn’t easy, especially due to changes in technology and trends. You need to be up to date with the latest novelties if you want to maintain your reputation.

The courses mentioned in this guide are a good starting point but they’re not the only learning options to explore. If you research your specific interests, chances are that you’ll come across at least a few programs worth your time and effort.


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