Cinematic wedding videos are a lot more than a chronological representation of events on film. And, the videographer tries to capture the spirit of the event, the essence of the love between the two people.

However, often, these goals are accomplished during the shooting and wedding video editing stages. Therefore, add-ons and special effects can be utilized to give the video a bit of flavor. So, an experienced editor should undertake many creative endeavors to deliver a completely original outcome and here are a few of the top picks.



Creative Use of Typography


Typography is much more than subtitles. And, you can have a lot of fun with text. For example, take the font from the wedding invitation and add inspirational quotes. Furthermore, you can also create separate chapters in the video, each one being announced via a specific title.

In fact, the sky is the limit as far as the creative use of typography goes in wedding video editing. And, a few well-placed words, a poem or the lyrics of a meaningful song can be used to establish a recurrent theme throughout the video.


Creative Transitions


You have so many creative options you can use to make a good and smooth transition. For example, the screen could fade out, the new one could slide on top of the old one or the editor may want to opt for a cross dissolve approach.

Furthermore, creative transitions are excellent for introducing a new development (for example, ending the bride’s makeup session and taking the viewer to the groom’s preparations). And, such creative add-ons give the video structure and they provide cues that something new is about to take place.




While the animation is certainly original, it takes a master to make use of this post-production add-on skillfully. Otherwise, the final outcome could have too much of a juvenile feel to it. Also, animation isn’t particularly popular in wedding video editing but it could make sense in certain instances.

And, an animated intro that presents the wedding rings or cartoons of the bride and groom could be perfect for setting the right mood. For an idea how simple, tasteful wedding video animations should look, check this article.


The Addition of Glow Effect to Certain Frames


Sony video camera
Do not overuse the glow effect. The truth is, if you rely on it too heavily, you will have a final outcome that looks cheap. However, a good editor, could eventually make the glow effect extra-special. But, an editing guru knows that a LITTLE bit of sparkle can transform a plain shot, not a whole lot of sparkle.




Narration, just like creative typography, will tell a story within the story itself. And, use narration in the introduction of the wedding video or as the transition from one chapter to the next. Furthermore, what matters with the use of this add-on is keeping the narration from getting obtrusive and dominating everything.

Therefore, a good wedding video should feature natural sound and it should also make creative use of music. And, just like the other special effects, narration has to be sparing and meaningful in order to produce a classy outcome. Also, you can often tell a story in a good way without add-ons and special effects.

So, talk to the couple and coordinate the use of such effects with the editing team. And, very often, less is more when it comes to high quality wedding videography. Therefore, give add-ons a try when you have a certain idea in mind. They should add to the overall meaning of the film.


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