Celebrities – we love them, we follow them online, we want a piece of their lives. Artistically-inclined and affluent, actors, musicians and other talented individuals from across the globe organize incredibly lavish weddings.
Needless to say, we adore the fact! Celebrity wedding videos are often released, giving us a glimpse into the romantic stories of the rich and the famous. Here are a few of the sweetest, most aesthetically pleasing and stunning celebrity wedding clips.


Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook


The Big Bang Theory star shared snaps from her wedding day via her Instagram account. One thing is certain – no professional wedding video editing software was used on these snaps.

Cuoco’s shots aim to document the warmth and family-style of the wedding day. Even pets were present for the occasion, showing that the wedding was anything but official. The casual style and the coziness of the reception made the video choice an ideal one.


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Kidman also took it to Instagram to share moments from her special day with the rest of the world. The video also carries casual vibes and it presents different snaps from the big day. The videographer used professional wedding video editing software to create a beautiful and dynamic collage of special, captured moments.

This celebrity power couple has been together for more than 12 years and their social media still show a great deal of love and appreciation for each other. Add this fact to the romantic nature of the wedding clip and you have a definite emotional front-runner in the realm of celebrating love and devotion.


Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer


Head to Amy’s Instagram if you want to see a little sample of her wedding day. A documentary-style wedding video, this one makes good use of the beautiful scenery and the beachy location. A drone captured the scenery from above, giving the viewer a much better understanding of the surroundings.

There are celebrity guests, moving vows and funny moments – everything you would want from a memorable wedding video. Make sure you watch the entire thing until you reach the bride’s vows. Amy delivers in her typical style and the vows will definitely make you laugh.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi


One of the world’s most beloved couples – Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi – also made their wedding video public. It’s a massive hit, having been watched more than 1.29 million times on YouTube. The wedding took place in 2008 and the clip features a lot of “behind the scenes” footage. We see the two lovely ladies preparing for their big day, even a bit of anxiety and nervousness in anticipation of the ceremony.

There isn’t an awful lot of editing or special effects but the video is still unique. Ellen and Portia also went for a documentary-style video relying on basic professional wedding video editing software. The special moments and emotion of the two women in love certainly add to the appeal of the clip and preclude the need for more extensive editing

Watch the video to explore the beauty of the venue, the moment Ellen and Portia saw each other for the first time in their wedding outfits, a photo montage and of course – the ceremony itself.


Jay Z and Beyonce


The R&B powercouple has been very private in terms of keeping their lives away from the prying eyes of fans and journalists. In time, however, both Beyonce and Jay Z have released snippets of private footage to their followers. Beyonce took it to Instagram to present some of the most touching wedding ceremony moments.

On the couple’s wedding anniversary in 2019, Jay Z also released a bit of wedding footage. The clip is quite elegant and soft – exactly what one would expect from Queen Bee. There are several intimate details captured on film like the placement of the wedding ring on Beyonce’s finger. Needless to say, the soundtrack consists of some of Beyonce’s most romantic and iconic tracks.


Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock


If you’re looking for a truly romantic and serene celebrity wedding video, this one is an obvious winner. Kelly Clarkson got married in October, 2013. Her wedding video highlights the beautiful scenery before moving on to a few candid shots of the lovely couple.

The video looks a bit more edited and polished than some of the previous entries in the list. Professional wedding video editing software use is obvious and that’s a good thing. As a result of the skilled post-production work, the clip has a more traditional, even somewhat of a vintage feel to it. The music choice enhances the emotional appeal of the clip even further.


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson


While Jessica Simpson did not release her wedding video in its entirety, a few snippets were made available via the PeopleTV YouTube channel. The décor is most definitely the biggest highlight of the video. A skilled videographer has also managed to capture a number of intricate details that add charm and personality to the footage.

Beautifully arranged wedding rings, the table centerpieces, the chandeliers at the reception venue and the bride’s gown are all allowed to shine. This is yet another wedding video that uses drone shots to give the viewer a more immersive view of the venue. Warm and somewhat dark, the clip looks both cozy and incredibly sophisticated.


Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish


Kevin Hart is known for being a funny guy. Thus, people would expect a wedding video from him similar to what Amy Schumer released to the public. Instead, we got an emotional and very romantic clip. The video is in complete contrast with Kevin’s personality, showing a side of the actor that many members of the public could be unfamiliar with.

While professional wedding video editing software could contribute to a beautiful outcome, it doesn’t make an amazing clip. The idea behind the video, the emotion and the skills of the videographer will all be required to produce a truly moving video. Some of the best celebrity wedding clips stand as definitive evidence of the claim.


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