Video Editing Price

Video Editing Prices

We’re always striving to offer the best price – 2 – quality ratio for our clients and our video editing prices are based on several factors. To determine how much our service is going to cost, you’ll have to take the following in consideration:

1. The hours of raw footage
2. The quality of the footage
3. The number of cameras used
4. The style and complexity of the final outcome

4. The deadline
6. The volume of work

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution in terms of video editing and post-production and we’ll create a tailored offer for you.

More time to focus and grow your business! 

Outsourcing video editing saves you a lot of time – You can dedicate this newfound time to finding new clients, shooting videos and generating revenue for your business. Strategically speaking, a partnership with an experienced team like ours will enable you to optimise corporate processes, thus saving money and boosting your income.

Looking for the biggest bargain in terms of video editing isn’t always the best approach. There could be hidden fees and additional charges you weren’t made aware of in the beginning. At Wedcuts, we believe in complete transparency and we offer competitive video editing services that are reasonably priced even for the one-man team.


Video Editing Packages

Video Editing Packages

Package (1)

30 – 60 secs trailer
3 – 8 min highlight

Starting from $75 USD

Package (2)

30 – 60 secs trailer
8 – 10 min highlight

Starting from $100 USD

Package (3)

30 – 60 secs trailer
20 min feature

Starting from $125 USD

Looking for studio prices?

We offer discounts and fixed prices for small and big studios.